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Khulubuse Zuma claims he is in serious financial trouble. PIC Twitter

Khulubuse Zuma claims he is bankrupt

Khulubuse Zuma, former Director of the liquidated Aurora Empowerment Systems claims he is in serious financial trouble, saying he is aware that  he is facing sequestration because he didn’t comply with the terms of a repayment agreement entered into with the Aurora liquidators.

He told Solidarity General Secretary Gideon Du Plessis in a telephonic conversation that he won’t be able to oppose the sequestration application that will be heard in the Durban High Court on December 8, 2017.

“I also won’t be able to afford legal fees,” Zuma told Du Plessis.

Zuma also told Du Plessis that the bad news coverage he received because of the Aurora saga, ruined all his business interests and future business opportunities.

Zuma’s claims follows press statement released by Solidarity that he was staying in the United Arab Emirates.

John Walker, legal representative of the Pamodzi liquidators, informed Solidarity that the sheriff could not serve the sequestration order against Zuma at his private residence, because he was not living there and the security guard said that President Jacob Zama’s nephew wasn’t at home for quite some time

The order could also not be served to Zuma’s lawyers because none of his previous legal representatives was able to contact him.

Zuma further argued that he is targeted because he is a “Zuma” and that he is a victim because of a political agenda, especially because of his connection with his uncle, President Jacob Zuma.

From a different political angle, Du Plessis argues that political influence behind the scenes is clearly visible, since the legal processes were frustrated before the Aurora directors were finally found guilty of the R1,5 billion damage caused to the Pamodzi mining assets and the large-scale corruption that were committed. However, Zuma was the only Aurora director who was not found guilty of corruption.

However, Du Plessis pointed out to Zuma that 5 300 innocent Aurora employees lost their jobs due to Aurora’s gross mismanagement and corruption, and that they are now immersed in poverty.

Furthermore, that millions of rand’s in outstanding salaries were still owed to them.



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