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Edna Dube, mother of the young woman allegely killed by Zuma's son in a car accident: PIC supplied

AfriForum: Dube family wants Zuma to stand trial

Advocate Gerrie Nel: PIC supplied.

AfriForum on Tuesday announced it had instituted legal action against Duduzane Zuma, son of President Jacob Zuma, on a charge of culpable homicide.

The legal action by AfriForum’s private prosecuting unit follows the decision by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) on August 18, 2015 not to prosecute Zuma, despite Magistrate Lalitha Chetty’s inquest finding that Zuma killed a young woma in a car accident.

AfriForum head of private prosecuting unit Advocate Gerrie Nel said in a statement prosecution relates to a car accident on February 1, 2014 on the M1 highway in Gauteng caused by Zuma.

Phumzile Dube, a young female passenger who was travelling in another vehicle, was killed in the accident.

“The NPA never informed the Dube family of its decision not to prosecute Zuma. This decision was only revealed after the so-called Gupta emails had surfaced,” said Nel.

Nel and AfriForum acts in their case against Zuma on behalf of Pedzisani Dube, the deceased’s brother, and Edina Dube, her mother, who is taking care of the deceased’s five-year-old child.

Nel said he has already submitted an application to the NPA on behalf of the Dube family to obtain a nolle prosequi certificate.

“As soon as AfriForum receives this certificate, the process to privately prosecute Zuma will commence. The Dube family is eager to see to it that, with AfriForum’s help, justice will prevail in Dube’s death,” said Nel.

According to Nel, AfriForum’s private prosecuting unit was indeed established to ensure equality before the law and that justice was served – regardless of who the perpetrator was.

“There exist no valid grounds for the NPA to decline to prosecute Mr Zuma, and Dube’s family deserves that justice is served and that the case is not treated differently as a result of who the perpetrator is,” Nel said.

AfriForum Chief Executive Officer Kallie Kriel said that the intended private prosecution had to send a very clear message that no one was above the law, “not even if your surname is Zuma”.

”If the NPA issued the nolle prosequi certificate, AfriForum would have to start the private prosecution process within 90 days. The prosecution would then continue in Court just like any other criminal case, except that Nel would be the prosecutor, although not employed by the NPA,” said Kriel.

He added that NPA has the option to review its decision not to prosecute Zuma.

According to Nel, such a decision would also be a victory for AfriForum and the Dube family, as the whole idea behind their action was to ensure that justice is served.

Nel indicated that if the NPA should drag their feet in issuing the nolle prosequi certificate, AfriForum’s private prosecuting unit would not hesitate to compel the NPA through the Courts.


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