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Reign Edwards, Rome Flynn

The Bold & the Beautiful December episodic synopses

Don Diamont, Katherine Kelly Lang

Episode 244 (7457)           Friday, 01 December 2017

Steffy and Liam bask in their love for each other, their future together, and how they will never be apart ever again. Having regrets about her fight with Zende, Nicole fears that Sasha may take advantage of the situation as she has done in the past. Upon learning that Zende is on his way back to Los Angeles, Nicole springs into action to ensure she is the first person he sees upon his arrival. Sasha uses the final moments of their flight to let Zende know how she really feels about him.

Episode 245 (7458)           Monday, 04 December 2017

Having had a history with both men, Katie takes the high road as Brooke fills her sister in on her latest plight with Bill and Ridge. With Quinn temporarily at the helm of Forrester Creations, she receives relentless ridicule from Ridge when she reveals the rundown for the upcoming fashion show. Bill pays a visit to Brooke to make sure she knows that he still intends to marry her. Brooke counters Bill’s declaration with a stipulation of her own.

Episode 246 (7459)            Tuesday, 05 December 2017

Maya gives Nicole relationship advice about forgiving Zende and telling him the truth regarding the surrogacy. Sasha takes Zende’s side as she attempts to comfort him following his fight with Nicole. When Katie checks in on Eric’s recovery process, she has an ulterior motive to her unannounced visit. Hoping that it is not too late to save Wyatt’s marriage, Quinn extends an olive branch to Steffy attached to a rewarding career opportunity.

 Episode 247 (7460)           Wednesday, 06 December 2017

Rick attempts to console Maya when she can’t help but feel responsible for the problems going on between Zende and Nicole. As Zende is attempting to apologize to Nicole for his actions, he realizes that he has even more of a reason to feel regretful. With one phone call, Eric generously grants the favour that Katie had requested. Quinn causes a stir at Forrester Creations when she announces that she will be filling Ridge’s role in the upcoming fashion show.

 Episode 248 (7461)         Thursday, 07 December 2017

As Quinn attempts to take the lead in all final preparations for the fashion show, not everyone at Forrester Creations is quite on board. Wyatt and Ivy encourage Quinn to move forward with her original plan for the event in spite of ruffling the feathers of Eric’s family. When Katie pays another visit to Eric’s home to thank him for his favour, he invites her to watch the show with him. As a sign of protest against Quinn, Ridge decides to sabotage her presentation.

 Episode 249 (7462)             Friday, 08 December 2017

Ridge is forced to don a manufactured smile when he is faced with the backfire of his botched plan to sabotage Quinn. Wyatt and Ivy gang up on Steffy in an attempt to get her to admit that she and Ridge were wrong about Quinn. Having witnessed a tense moment, Zende advises Sasha to keep her distance from Nicole. Katie surprises Eric when she admits her true feelings regarding his marriage to Quinn.

 Episode 250 (7463)            Monday, 11 December 2017

Quinn becomes suspicious of what took place at home in her absence when she notices a glass containing lipstick that isn’t hers. She becomes even more concerned when she learns that Katie is the one who was in her house. Brooke offers Ridge encouraging words of advice regarding his tarnished relationship with Eric. Rick assists Katie in her first step in creating a life for herself and Will following her divorce.

 Note: The new season will TX as of Tuesday, 12 December

 Episode 1 (7464)          Tuesday, 12 December 2017

When Eric learns that Katie is interested in buying a house in the neighborhood, he encourages her to do so. Quinn confesses to Wyatt her concerns regarding Katie’s unannounced visits to Eric. Despite having left her at the altar during their wedding, Bill assures Brooke that he still wants for them to be married. Brooke comes up with an idea that she anticipates will help Bill and RJ get to know each other better.

 Episode 2 (7465)                 Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Bill gives a reluctant RJ a rare glimpse into his life by having his soon-to-be stepson shadow him at Spencer Publications. Katie expresses her concern to Rick about having Quinn living in such close proximity. Brooke probes Ridge about why after all of their years apart, he is putting so much effort into winning her over again. As an answer to her question, Ridge takes Brooke to a location which holds something dear to them both.

 Episode 3 (7466)            Thursday, 14 December 2017

Wyatt and Rick express their opposing opinions to each other regarding what is the reason behind the recent surge of orders following the fashion show. Quinn attempts to hide her irritation from Eric when he informs her about Katie making an offer on a house in the neighborhood. Bill makes several unsuccessful attempts to impress an unenthusiastic RJ. Ridge reminds Brooke about their long past together, something that she does not have with Bill.

 Episode 4 (7467)              Friday, 15 December 2017

RJ softens his position towards Bill marrying Brooke and asks him to take good care of her if she decides to marry him. Katie stands her ground when a jealous Quinn suggests that she find another house to purchase. Eric and Steffy put their recent squabbles behind them in the name of family and the upcoming Forrester Thanksgiving.

 Episode 5 (7468)              Monday, 18 December 2017

As a favour to Eric, Steffy and Pam set aside their differences with Quinn to plan an exquisite family dinner for Thanksgiving. Sad that Wyatt feels too awkward to join in the festivities, Quinn implores Steffy to convince him to change his mind. Still distraught, Nicole has a difficult time accepting Zende’s emotionally heartfelt apology. Zende hopes that a token of his affection will change her mind.

 Episode 6 (7469)           Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Family and friends gather together at the Forrester mansion to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. With Steffy at the helm of the day, she revisits the tradition of past Thanksgivings by instructing those at the table to give a kind statement about the person sitting next to them. Some of the sentimentalities delivered by the guests aren’t as easy as the others.

 Episode 7 (7470)             Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Zende renders another attempt to garner Nicole’s forgiveness and make her his wife. Bill makes plans to elope with Brooke while Ridge and RJ make plans to persuade her to stay with them.

 Episode 8 (7471)            Thursday, 21 December 2017

Brooke struggles with her feelings when Ridge surprises her with a romantic memento from their past. Half-sisters Nicole and Sasha throw accusations and blame at one another over their respective situations with Zende.

 Episode 9 (7472)            Friday, 22 December 2017

Overwhelmed with emotion by Ridge’s grand gesture, Brooke realizes she is torn between two loves. On the heels of her fight with Nicole, Sasha finds Zende and implores to him that it is time to move on with her.

 Episode 10 (7473)            Monday, 25 December 2017

In love and reunited, Steffy and Liam share romantic kisses and discuss their future. Bill remains steadfast with Brooke that their love is true, while RJ gives Ridge lessons in optimism.

 Episode 11 (7474)           Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Brooke makes her decision, leaving one man devastated and another, the happiest man in the world. In an attempt to help Wyatt, Quinn catches Steffy off-guard and delivers an interesting scenario about her future.

 Episode 12 (7475)           Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Steffy is suspicious of the motive behind Quinn’s request, knowing how manipulative she has been in the past. Eric suggests to Wyatt that he should not give up on Steffy even though she has already filed for divorce. Brooke discusses with Ridge his current living situation and where he should be sleeping in the future. Liam and Zende toast to a future at Forrester Creations, hopefully without Quinn.

 Episode 13 (7476)             Thursday, 28 December 2017

Still suspicious of Quinn, Steffy ponders what Eric has to gain by backing his wife on her request. Also wondering what Quinn has up her sleeve, Wyatt questions his mother about her intentions regarding Steffy and Liam. Liam gives Katie a piece of advice when she voices her concern over living next door to Quinn.

 Episode 14 (7477)              Friday, 29 December 2017

Sensing that Steffy is softening in her stance regarding Quinn, Liam attempts to get her to realize that she is being manipulated. Quinn encourages Wyatt to not give up on his marriage when she lets him in on her plan regarding Forrester Creations. During a revealing father-son conversation, Ridge and Eric shock each other with their respective news.

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