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Moyane continues with threatening systems

Democratic Alliance (DA) has launched a scathing attack on South African Revenue Service (SARS) Commissioner Tom Moyane.

DA Deputy Minister of Finance Alf Lees accuses Moyane of opening a criminal case against Jacques Paw for publishing “confidential” tax matters in his book related to government officials supposedly entangled in fraudulent activities.

“By propelling court activity that has all the earmarks of being without justification against Jacques Paw, Tom Moyane, is once again, making every effort to execute the messenger as opposed to managing the substance of the disclosures contained in “The President’s Keepers.”

Lees said in a statement on Wednesday SARS court application, under the hand of Tom Moyane, is unmistakably planned to scare some other South Africans from uncovering matters of public interest.

He said it is clear under Moyane, SARS has established new strategies to hide behind taxpayer’s confidentiality with regards to troublesome issues relating to sensitive people, and for example, President Jacob Zuma and revenue service senior official Jonas Makwakwa.

“This view is affirmed by the current letter written by Moyane to the Standing Committee on Finance wherein he disagrees with issues from the FIC report on Jonas Makwakwa being given to Committee members. This produced shock with respect to Moyane in spite of the excerpt has been in public domain and accessible on the web for a lot of time was unmistakably terrorising,” said Lees.

Lees said there is nothing private in regards to the enormous R 145.2 million estimate of taxable fringe benefit accumulated to President Zuma when the State revamped his Nkandla home.

He added that it can’t be unlawful for Moyane to issue statement that affirms the esteem that SARS evaluated the Nkandla fringe benefits at the DA estimate was R 145.2 million, that President Zuma has paid fringe benefits tax in addition to punishments and interest that ought to at this point be in the area of R 65, 0 million; and that the assets he used to settle this tremendous tax bill were in their own particular right exhausted accurately.

Unless SARS manages this disclosure and the numerous different disclosures openly and straightforwardly, said Lees, the reputation of senior SARS officials and consequently SARS itself won’t be reestablished.

“This reputational harm will keep on having a negative effect on taxpayer’s ethical quality and the subsequent protection of citizens to pay taxes due,” said Lees.


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