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AfriForum, DA won’t fold their arms while ANC “steal” land

The civil rights watchdog AfriForum says the African National Congress (ANC) decision to amend South Africa’s Constitution to allow seizure without pay comes down to a decision to submit theft and to put the country on a comparable road of demolition that Zimbabwe followed in its encroachment of property rights.

Democratic Alliance (DA) said it will stand firm to secure the nation’s property rights against the ANC, as revered in the constitution.

AfriForum Chief Executive Officer Kallie Kriel said in a statement on Thursday respect of property is the establishment of a productive economy.

“Countries that disregard property rights are depicted by joblessness, dejection and financial diminishing. The ANC’s decision to harm property rights will, subsequently, be to the weight of everyone in the country, besides the small assembling of elites who will benefit by the ANC’s course of action,” said Kriel.

DA said it will stand solidly behind the property clauses in section 25 of the Constitution and in the process stand firm behind the privileges of poor people to be incorporated into the economy.

DA Shadow Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Thomas Walters said his party will defend our nation’s Constitution and property rights even with an ANC government which just looks to enrich themselves at the expense of the general population.

“Ensuing to the ANC’s Elective Conference the ANC has shown that it is agreeable to changes in the Constitution that will take into consideration confiscation without pay,” said Walters.

Kriel said that the ANC’s course of action to ignore property rights is a further sign that the ruling party does not see the attestations came to in the midst of the talks of 1994 as binding.

“Minorities and other people who will experience the ill effects of the ANC’s infringement of the 1994 understandings can in this manner not put their expectations on any ANC leader and should make strides themselves to care for their own advantages and properties,” said Kriel.

The ANC’s plan to take won’t simply pulverize the economy of South Africa, be that as it may, will in like manner put the country on a road of revived rubbing and battle.

“AfriForum, its people and other individuals who have locked in for what they have won’t kick back and watch while their properties are being stolen,” added Kriel.



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