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ZANU-PF to impeach Mugabe

The University of Zimbabwe students have joined ZANU-PF to unseat President Robert Mugabe as head of state.

The students took on social media [Twitter] calling on President Mugabe to resign.

“We are not going to write exams until Robert Mugabe steps down,” reads the Tweet.

Students also called on Grace Mugabe’s questionable PHD degree awarded [in three months] to her in 2014 be evoked.

Demands by students follows hastily and astonishing address by President Mugabe on state television which left the whole country stunned.

Instead of announcing his resignation as expected, the 93-year-old head of state who was earlier stripped off all his ZANU-PF positions, told the nation he was going to officiate in the upcoming party congress in December.

“We regret all the embarrassment the old man has caused. Indeed after being president for so long Robert Mugabe is struggling to accept reality. With or without his acceptance the process will proceed,” reads ZANU-PF Tweet.

Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF resolved to bring a motion in parliament on Tuesday to impeach Mugabe, after a noon deadline expired for the embattled leader to resign.

Two-third majority is needed to oust Mugabe.

Our proposed vote of no confidence in President Mugabe:

Whereas the constitution of Zimbabwe in section 9 (1) provides for the removal of the President from office:

(a)Serious Misconduct.

(b)Failure to obey, uphold or defend this constitution or

(c) Inability to perform the functions of the office because of physical or mental incapacity.

Gravely Concerned: that the president has become the country’s source of instability by his indiscriminate and continuous dismissal of members of his cabinet including 2 vice Presidents in the past four years on allegations of plotting to assassinate him and forcibly take over power.

Worried: that none of the allegations raised by the President have ever been tested in a court of law and that the President have since re-appointed some of those he dismissed on the same allegations.

This attest to the President poor sense of judgment and disregard of the rule of law.

Alarmed: that the President has abrogated his constitutional mandate to his wife who makes public utterances on issues of government like the appointment of government ministers and senior civil servants.

Further Worried: there has been no meaningful developments in the country in the past 15 years, resulting in an unprecedented economic tailspin that attracted an inflation unprecedented in modern history, resulting in the country abandoning on currency in favour of multi-currency system.

Further Concern: that President has not taken any meaningful steps to stern endemic corruption which has become the country’s number one enemy like evidenced in the ZEZA case where his cabinet Minister approved USD 15 million without following provisions laid down in the Public Finance Management Act.

“Therefore we call upon the House for the removal of the President from office in light of the above and that voting in the motion of No Confidence in the President be by secret ballot,” read ZANU-PF Tweet.

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