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DA is not telling the truth about water crises in Lephalale, says the Municipality

Water crises claim in Lephalale a proof of DA traditional politics

Lephalale Municipality has hammered Democratic Alliance (DA) statement issued to the media that there are water crises in Onverwacht suburb as a spread crusade.

“There are measures set up to ensure the area gets water. Niewoudt knows,” Lephalale Municipality Spokesperson Conscious Chiloane said in a statement.

Niewoudt said they have delivered more than 250 signed water crises appeal to from Onverwacht residents to the Municipality Manager.

She said the water crises have affected the area for more than 2 years.

“We ask DA’s Councillor Cybil Niewoudt to share the right information she got amid meetings which briefed her on all activities relating to water projects and challenges,” said Chiloane.

Chiloane said the statement by Niewoudt is a mere reflection of traditional politics by the DA.

Chiloane negated affirmations made by Niewoudt that the Municipality depends on boreholes to supply the area with drinking water, saying they supply customers with surface water.

As indicated by Nieuwouldt, the crises happen despite the fact that Palala Water Reservoir supplies the whole Onverwacht with water, however, has low water pressure.

“Steady water supply around the territory is non-existent, taps have run dry, water transports by the area locale are sporadic and boreholes are not working for such a critical number of years,” said Nieuwouldt.


Chiloane said the R 50million stipulated in the DA statement was granted to the Municipality by the Department of Water and Sanitation for implementation of projects which are in progress, not the Municipality Infrastructure Grant as expressed by Niewoudt.


“The Municipality provides services to all residents irrespective of their political affiliation,” added Chiloane.

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