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Monday , February 18 2019
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Police Minister talking tough to the new police unit. File Pic GCIS

Cele calls for discipline in the new police unit

Trigger-happy law enforcement officers, taking bribes and political connection won’t be tolerated in the South African Police Service, warned Police Minister Bheki Cele.

Minister Cele issued a stern warning during the launch of the new Public Order Policing (POP) Reserve Unit.

In a statement on Friday, Cele said his department will deploy the unit in provinces to increase police workforce at station level to maintain law and order.

“When we deploy you, you don’t ask political affiliations to the communities, just perform your duties to the best of your capacities. Leave politics to politicians. Draw the line between policing and legislative issues” Cele said.

He encouraged the unit to distance themselves from politics when responding to community protest but instead keep to their core business.

“I am not calling for police to be trigger-happy. However, they won’t die while on duty, theirs is to protect themselves and defend the defenseless communities, Public Order Policing is for the minimum force levels response and the power levels increase depending on the situation at hand,” said Cele.

The Minister also warned new members to stay away from any form of temptation and any act of bribery.

Minister Cele gave strict marching orders to the new members in ensuring that they keep to the discipline of policing within the prescribed laws of the country.

He said the new Public Order Policing Reserve Unit will multiply the capacity of the police members at the station, provincial and national level.

He added that the number of different operational vehicles and equipment has also increased to meet the current demands.

“The additional manpower and resources improve the response mechanisms when police respond to public unrest situations and community protests,” Cele said.

We will prioritise human capital speculation to guarantee that we do equity in dealing with police workforce. “Our members remain our most grounded resource in this department, their prosperity is our need” added Cele.

“Continuously adjust your conduct to the police set of principles, keep to the promise constantly,” Said the Minister.

Minister Cele guaranteed to keep to his assertion of walking the streets with members and investing more energy in the ground than in the workplace. “We will walk the boulevards of the supposed no-go zones, we will clean the streets and we will keep on doing this until to the point when the people of South Africa say we are protected and that they feel safe, added Cele.

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