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Angry communities of Ga-Seleka took to the streets in protest against the removal of acting Kgosi Phetogo Seleka. Pic supplied

Chieftaincy dispute escalates

Tension is mounting between Baphuting Bo Seleka Royal family in Limpopo and the community over the alleged “prejudicial” administrative affairs.

Dynasty dispute intensified on Wednesday when irate members of the community supposedly defied court judgment to demand the reinstatement of acting Kgosi Phetogo Seleka.

Trouble has been triggered allegedly after the royal family, led by Dorcas Seleka removed the acting chief, his advisors including staff members and took over the office.

Irate community members on Monday marched to Dorcas Seleka’s home to request that she vacate the office.

“We advised her as the clan that we don’t recognise her as our chief. We need Kgosi Phetogo back,” they said.

This follows Polokwane High Court judgment in February which requested acting Kgosi Phetogo Seleka to hand over his rule to the imperial family.

The royal family took him to court alleging that he undermines their authority, custom, and tradition, thereby bringing the chieftaincy into disrepute.

“This he illustrated by introducing his friends who are not part of a core customary structure of the royal family to run the administrative affairs in his stead,” they argued in court papers.

As per the judgment first litigant, Limpopo Premier Stan Mathabatha was requested to withdraw a certificate of recognition issued to the fourth responded, acting Chief Phetogo David Seleka.

Mathabatha must distribute a notice with the subtle elements of Phetogo Seleka in the Provincial Government Gazette immediately after he is unseated as acting Kgosi.

The ousted acting Chief is prohibited from ambushing or submitting dangers of the strike and mocking on individuals from the offended party as well as any individual from Ga-Seleka Community.

“Dismissed acting Kgosi Phetogo Seleka is requested to return to the community all books of accounts, financial records, cheque books and comparable lawful instruments in his possession immediately upon the granting of this order for his removal. He is personally requested to pay litigation and expenses for work done by an attorney,” added the judgment.

Ga-Seleka community members gathered in a local hall to discuss various issues in order to find the solution.Pic supplied.

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