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Jaguar Land Rover testing a fleet of smart cars connected to wirless road infrastructure

A fleet of smart cars “talk” to each other 

British leading car maker, Jaguar Land Rover says it is running the test on a fleet of smart cars connected to a wireless infrastructure innovation on UK’s roads, setting them up for the momentous self-driving project.

Jaguar Land Rover includes a scope of intelligent, connected warning features, for example, emergency electronic brake lights, emergency vehicle, and in-vehicle signage for roadworks and traffic condition warnings.

The connected technology complements other vehicle sensors and outspreads vehicle’s ability to ‘see’ further down the road and ‘talk’ to each other.

It will also caution that cars too far ahead has applied its brakes to allow the driver tailing it to maintain a strategic distance from a potential accident.

The system will work with both manual and automatic driving to improve road safety.

The project will set up how these technologies can improve journeys, decrease traffic congestion, and provide entertainment and security services through the better network.

This project forms part of the company’s vision to use the network as a segue to making the self-driving cars feasible in the vastest scope of reality, on-and rough terrain driving conditions.

“To understand the full advantage of self-driving cars, we have to comprehend the infrastructure that is required to support them.

Connectivity not only makes us a stride nearer to making self-driving cars a reality, however, it also makes the platform to bring more connected safety highlights to our clients within the next few years.

We’re working with some awesome worldwide specialists across industry and academia and we’re anxious to take the project into this next phase of testing,” said Jaguar Land Rover Connectivity Manager Colin Lee.

The project will take 30 months and comprises the following consortium members:

Visteon Engineering Services Limited, Jaguar Land Rover, Coventry City Council, Coventry University, Highways England Company Ltd, HORIBA MIRA, Huawei Technologies (UK) Co Ltd, Siemens, Vodafone Group Services Ltd, Transport for West Midlands and WMG at University of Warwick.

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