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BMW 8 Series Coupé

BMW 8 Series Coupé production gets underway  

BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, Southern Bavaria, Germany says it has this week started production generation of the new BMW 8 Series Coupé, the sports car that will unveil the BMW aggressive in the luxury segment.

Hard at wotk assembling the new BMW 8 Series Coupé

The Group’s head of Plant Dingolfing Dr. Andrieas Wendt said they have also integrated various digital innovations into the generation procedure, including self-driving transport system and shrewd gadgets.

“As the plant that produce the BMW 7 Series cars, BMW Group Plant Dingolfing has exceptional skill in creating vehicles for the luxury segment. They set us up for generation of the new BMW 8 Series Coupé. I am certain our clients around the globe will love this luxury sports auto,” said Wendt.

“I am glad that we will create the new BMW 8 Series Coupé at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. It will blend our situation as a focal point of skill for the luxury class and secure our site’s future,” said Stefan Schmid, executive of the Works Council at the Dingolfing area.

 Smart material mix and flexible production structures

 The production team uses canny lightweight development, with an astute blend of materials, including steel, plastic, aluminum and carbon fiber in the body of the new sports car.

It uses other than the supporting structures at the front and back of the vehicle, different parts, for example, the rooftop, doors, hood and the front firewall of the all-new BMW 8 Series Coupé of aluminum.

For the first time in a series of the production BMW model, the rooftop is available in carbon-fiber strengthened plastic (CFRP) – they additionally manufacture which at the Dingolfing area in an inventive wet-pressing process.

On account of the BMW creation system’s high level of flexibility, it was possible to incorporate the new BMW 8 Series Coupé into existing generation structures.

The luxury sports auto, which will move off the mechanical production system close by BMW 5 Series and 7 Series models, depends on tried and tested manufacturing processes.

Innovations in the production process

 In parallel with increase of the new BMW 8 Series Coupé, digitalisation of logistics and production processes in Dingolfing continues apace.

BMW Group Plant Dingolfing makes utilisation of wearables.

These mobile computer technologies worn on the body bolster staff with their tasks.

Other than the ProGlove smart glove scanner, a supposed “exotics alarm”, for instance, will utilize the vibrating alarm of a watch to alert staff when an car with non-standard hardware alternatives is coming up and requires unique attention.

Virtual reality they are additionally using  glasses, for the first time in training assembly staff.

Workers watch the video of the specific assembly processes for the new BMW 8 Series Coupé through VR glasses.

This empowered them to familarise themselves with the new model and the right fitment process before production ramp-up.

 Two engine variants available from launch

 Two engine choices will be available when the new BMW 8 Series Coupé goes on special in November 2018.

The V8 motor in the BMW M850i xDrive Coupé (consolidated fuel utilization: 10.5 – 10.0 l/100 km; joined CO2 outflows: 240 – 228 g/km)* conveys great power:

The latest generations of the 4.4-liter eight-chamber engine has been totally redeveloped to convey an execution beating out at 530 hp and a torque of 750 Nm.

The BMW 840d xDrive Coupé depends on a diesel motor (combined fuel utilisation: 6.2 – 5.9 l/100 km, combined  CO2 emission: 164 – 154 g/km)* unlike to whatever else in the competitive environment to deliver superior traction an low fuel cunsumption.

The 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder diesel power unit generate a maximum output of 320 hp and maximum torque of 680 Nm.

Notwithstanding the car core production, BMW Group Plant Dingolfing is likewise home to production facilities for vehicle components, for example, pressed parts, seats and in addition chassis and drive components.

Because of the plant’s aluminum aptitude in vehicle construction and longstanding background in delivering alternative drives, BMW Group Plant Dingolfing besides provides crucial components to the BMW I models –, for example, high-voltage battery, e-transmission and the drive structure – to the production site in Leipzig.

What’s more, Dingolfing produces both high voltage batteries and electric engines for the BMW Group’s plug–in hybrid models.

The car bodies for all Rolls-Royce models are likewise produced at the site. The Dynamics Center, a large storage and transshipment office, gives the worldwide BMW and MINI dealership organisation with original parts and equipment’s.

The BMW Group

With its four brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, the BMW Group is the world’s driving premium maker of vehicles and [motorcycles] cruisers and furthermore gives premium money related and mobility services.

The BMW Group production network comprises 30 production and assembly offices in 14 countries; the company has global sales network in more than140 counties.

In 2017, the BMW Group sold more than 2,463,500 passenger vehicles and more than 164,000 cruisers around the world.

The benefit before tax in the 2017 financial year was € 10.655 billion on incomes adding up to € 98.678 billion.

Starting on December 31, 2017, the BMW Group had a workforce of 129,932 employees.

The achievement of the BMW Group has dependably been founded on long haul considering and mindful activity.

The organization has along these lines set up biological and social supportability all through the esteem chain, exhaustive item obligation and an unmistakable pledge to preserving assets as a necessary piece of its procedure.

The success of the BMW Group has always been based on long-term thinking and responsible action.

The company has therefore established ecological and social sustainability throughout the value chain, comprehensive product responsibility and a clear commitment to conserving resources as an integral part of its strategy.

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