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The Bold and The Beautiful August Episode Synopses




Episode 156 (7619)  – Wednesday, 01 August 2018

Quinn insists that she and Eric are a happy couple. Sheila shows up at Forrester Creations and corners Charlie with her hunch that Ridge and Quinn are having an affair. Liam and Steffy meet with Katie and Wyatt as a calendar shoot for the swimwear line gets under way. Over at Spectra fashion, Sally gets excited when she sees the designs that Thomas is working on for the new collection.

Episode 157 (7620)  – Thursday, 02 August 2018

Jarrett interviews Steffy for “Eye on Fashion” after the photo shoot when Thomas and Sally suddenly appear. Elsewhere outside the Forrester Mansion, Charlie is debating with Sheila whether Quinn is being unfaithful to Eric. Feeling as though the wall is closing in on them, Quinn tries to convince Ridge that they must come clean with Eric. Meanwhile, Eric returns home and is stunned when Sheila claims that Ridge and Quinn are romantically involved.

Episode 158 (7621) – Friday, 03 August 2018

Eric is furious with Sheila and accuses her of playing her old tricks by spinning a web of lies and deceit about his family. Over in the guest house, Ridge reminds Quinn of the consequences that they could both face if the truth is revealed. Sally voices her concern to Thomas about the stunt that they pulled at the Forrester Creations photo shoot. Coco worries that her job could once again be in jeopardy due to her sister’s unorthodox business antics.

Episode 159 (7622) – Monday, 06 August 2018

Brooke enjoys a rare moment with her workaholic husband. R.J. surprises Coco with an afternoon date. Quinn asks Eric for his forgiveness.

Episode 160 (7623) – Tuesday, 07 August 2018

Quinn and Ridge are shocked when Eric insinuates that they had a sexual affair. In the Hollywood hills, R.J. is unconscious after the car accident. In Bel Air, Brooke has an unsettling notion that something is terribly wrong that proves correct when she and Bill are called to the hospital.

Episode 161 (7624) – Wednesday, 08 August 2018

Coco is put on the spot when Brooke, Bill and Ridge want to know what caused the car accident. Outside the hospital room, Ridge admits to Brooke that Eric knows about him and Quinn. Quinn confronts Katie for telling Sheila about the clandestine affair with Ridge. Later, Quinn and Ridge reflect on the damage they caused to their family wondering whether they will ever be able to repair it.

Episode 162 (7625) – Thursday, 09 August 2018

Brooke is relieved that R.J. has only suffered a mild concussion from the accident while Coco takes full responsibility about the car accident. Later, Sally receives an unexpected phone call from Caroline Spencer who is looking for her former boyfriend Thomas.

Episode 163 (7626)  – Friday, 10 August 2018

Caroline returns to Los Angeles with Douglas so that Thomas can spend some quality time with his son. Sally admits that she feels insecure now that the elusive Caroline Spencer is back who also happens to be the mother of Thomas’ child. Charlie arrives at Sheila’s hotel at her insistence and learns that Quinn is out of Eric’s life.

Episode 164 (7627) – Monday, 13 August 2018

Learning that she is Eric’s hotel neighbour, Sheila ingratiates herself with him by inviting herself into his room. Steffy convinces Bill to let Spectra Fashion participate in the fashion show at the Spencer Summit – if only to drive them out of business for good. Ridge confides in Brooke that he is miserable over steering her and Eric away from him with his reckless behaviour.

Episode 165 (7628) – Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Ridge shares with Brooke his concern that Sheila is trying to worm her way back into their lives. Sheila gets in a heated conversation with Quinn. Steffy encourages Caroline to spend as much time with Thomas as possible before he becomes too emotionally involved with Sally. Later, Sally meets Caroline for the first time and cannot help but notice the closeness between her and Thomas.

Episode 166 (7629) – Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Caroline reminds Thomas of their plans to raise Douglas together and how it is not too late for them to do so. Sally is troubled to learn that Caroline does not plan on leaving L.A. anytime soon again. Steffy is extremely worried about Eric’s disappearance, especially in light of the fact that Sheila nearly killed her mother once.

Episode 167 (7630) – Thursday, 16 August 2018

Eric and Liam watch motionless as Sheila sinks to the ground after being shot at by Steffy. Later, Eric pleads with Steffy to keep his whereabouts a secret from Quinn and Ridge. Ridge notes no one knows where Eric is and wonders if Sheila would harm him.

Episode 168 (7631) – Friday, 17 August 2018

Quinn learns that Liam has seen Eric and peppers him with questions. Ridge admits to Steffy that something happened between him and Quinn. At Spencer Publications, Alison looks on as Bill gushes happily about seeing Caroline and Douglas. Bill offers his niece his support in order to win back Thomas. Sally confesses to Thomas her concern and insecurity about Caroline being back in his life. Later, Bill urges Thomas to forget about Sally and Spectra and instead return to the mother of his child.

Episode 169 (7632) – Monday, 20 August 2018

Bill pressures Thomas to build a stable family with Caroline and Douglas. Meanwhile, Caroline notes Sally’s insecurity, and confirms that she wants Thomas back in her life. Steffy confronts Quinn about hurting Eric. Ridge informs Katie and Brooke that Steffy knows about him and Quinn being the reason for the estrangement from Eric.

Episode 170 (7633) – Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Brooke and Ridge worry about Sheila’s apparent influence on Eric in his vulnerable state of being hurt by his wife and son. Quinn appeals to Steffy to help her mend fences with Eric. To Eric’s surprise, Steffy pleads with him to return home and give Quinn a second chance. Later, Sheila returns to see Eric with her offer to lend him her unconditional support.

Episode 171 (7634) – Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Caroline confesses to Bill and Steffy her regrets about moving to New York instead of uniting her family in Los Angeles. Bill expresses his intent to get rid of Sally once and for all, and to reunite Caroline and Douglas with Thomas. Both fashion houses prepare for the runway challenge in Monte Carlo. Brooke strikes a nerve with her sister while asking about Katie’s love life. Sticking to his promise to his niece, Bill invites Thomas over to deliver him a shocking message.

Episode 172 (7635) – Thursday, 23 August 2018

Thomas is in shock when Bill tells him that Caroline is suffering from a terminal illness. Steffy notes that Caroline is still in love with her brother and hopes that they can find a way back together. Ridge and Quinn fear the worst about Eric possibly spending time too much with Sheila.

Episode 173 (7636) – Friday, 24 August 2018

Bill attempts to persuade a highly reluctant Caroline into going along with, what he calls a genius plan. At Spectra, Thomas is distracted, thinking about Caroline’s fatal disease, as Sally enthuses about how great everything is going for them with the upcoming fashion challenge in Monte Carlo. Later, Sally informs Shirley that she has no optimism that Bill gave up on his attempt to reunite Thomas and Caroline. Steffy discloses her earlier interaction with Sheila to Ridge. Meanwhile, Sheila does her best to win Eric’s confidence after he voices his distrust in his family.

Episode 174 (7637) – Monday, 27 August 2018

Caroline is unsettled with Bill’s plan to get Thomas away from Sally so that their family can be reunited. Ridge takes the blame for his affair with Quinn and encourages Eric to return home to his wife. Brooke lectures R.J. and Coco about the dangers of distracted driving and how lucky they both are to be alive following their accident. Katie and Wyatt discuss the swimsuit line. Shirley wishes Sally a great trip to Monte Carlo. Steffy announces that both Eric and Ridge will be absent from the fashion challenge.

Episode 175 (7638) – Tuesday, 28 August 2018

On the flight to Monte Carlo, Thomas is preoccupied with thoughts of Caroline’s condition but does not divulge the reason for his distraction to Sally who enjoys her first ever ride on a private jet. Bill takes advantage of the close-quarter on the plane by making subtle references about family that are covertly directed at Thomas. Back in L.A., Ridge informs Quinn about the heartbreaking falling out he just had with Eric. Sheila comforts Eric and uses the opportunity to apologize for her wrongdoings in the past, yet stresses how much she has changed since.

Episode 176 (7639) – Wednesday, 29 August 2018

In Monaco, both fashion houses prepare for the big charity event which will debut the companies’ swimwear collections. Nicole is extremely proud of Zende who will not only display his first ever designs, but also hit the runway. Thomas has a difficult time concentrating on the fashion challenge because his thoughts are on Douglas and the allegedly dying Caroline. Meanwhile, a frantic Caroline gives Bill a call to tell him that she cannot keep up with the lie he told Thomas. Katie thanks Wyatt for his support. As Bill takes the spotlight after the fashion challenge, he is dismayed to learn that Spectra Fashions received the most votes.

Episode 177 (7640) – Thursday, 30 August 2018

Brooke pesters Bill to reveal whether the fashion challenge actually ended in a tie, but he keeps silent. Later, Bill cajoles Caroline to stick with the plan. Thomas tells Sally that he has to move to New York for the time being to be with Douglas and Caroline.

Episode 178 (7641) – Friday, 31 August 2018

The after-show party in Monte Carlo is in full swing. As chairman of the Spencer Summit, Bill receives congratulations from party attendees on a successful fashion challenge between Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions. Rick and Nicole feel wiped out after a stressful day and stay in. Suddenly, two strangers verbally abuse Maya for being transgender.

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