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BMW still spinning while the driver is on top.Pic supplied

Car spinning is officially off the streets

There will be sound of screeching tyres and bellowing smoke, cars veering around in spirals while the drivers climbing outside their Gusheshes and iBotsotso.

This is what the township’s car spinning enthusiasts can expects at the official launch of the Gauteng’s newest spinning arena in Protea Glen, Soweto on Saturday, August 25.

The local line-up are Thugis, Nathi [Jeff Junior], Msotho; Skhalo,Domingo,Mpho [E36],Team Stacey, Seku Ryt and Jeff James.

Special guest appearances includes Team Numbi, Team Swazi, Big Zenzi, Lentja, Magesh, Bekzin, Veejaro and Sparky.

Guests can expect most extreme revs, smoking tyres and handy tricks from a large group of cars including a troop of E30 BMW’s in 325i and 325iS pretenses and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s the place the Gusheshes and iBotsotso will come to join the party

Named after spinning legend, Jeff James Spin Hub is a brand new 400 square-metre arena is to become the official home of spinning in Soweto.

In the 80s, a thriving gangster culture gave rise to spinning at funerals, where it became a ritual to steal a car and spin it around in honour of the fallen.

In spite of the fact that it was unlawful, car spinning overwhelmed South Africa’s townships. Folks will utilise road corners inside the townships to engage revelers, much to the pleasure of a shouting and shrieking swarm as they swagger their stuff.

Tim Hogins, Chief Executive Officer of the GOG Group of Companies and Jeff James, the brainchild behind the setting says new field will transform the negative into positive and give fans and spinners alike a place to call home.

“The arena is yet another venue within the 17-hectare, multi-purpose facility and Hogins believes it will heighten the entertainment factor.

Spinning is such a popular and entertaining sport in South Africa but there is still a negative stigma attached, says Jeff.

The arena features seating areas, food and drink outlets and safety marshals besides the myriad other entertainment facilities at GOG Gardens, Soweto. It will wow crowds in a secure environment, off the public streets.

“This venue will allow people to enjoy spinning in safety. For years people have considered spinning as unsafe street sport, with heightened policing and just a general bad vibe. Now people including families and kids can spectate in a new environment,” says Jeff.

The Jeff James Spin Hub at GOG Gardens, Soweto officially opens on August 25, 2018. Gates will open from 12pm and tickets are only available at the gate upon entry at R100 each.

For kids between the ages of 5 & 12, tickets are R50.

Whilst food and drink will be available for sale throughout the day, visitors can bring their own food and cooler box is R100 irrespective of size.


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