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Wednesday , December 19 2018
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Samsung unveils the Super-Powerful Samsung Galaxy Note9

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd on Thursday unveiled super ground-breaking Samsung Galaxy Note9, the most up to date edition to its propelled business versatility.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available for pre-order from August 9 and general availability on August 21, 2018.

Samsung will offer the new arrival in Midnight Black, Metallic Copper with matching S-Pen and Ocean Blue with a vibrant Yellow S Pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is a game changer, offering its mark S Pen and bigger display to empower the digital transformation of enterprise customers.

Vice President of Integrated Mobility for Samsung South Africa Craige Fleisher said Galaxy Note9 is for clients who require a gadget that backings both individual and expert needs, the Galaxy Note9 powers efficiency in a hurry from day to night, without trading off on security.

“The impact mobile technology has had on business in the last decade is extraordinary and evolving, driven by converging technologies that fuel innovation. Samsung has always been at the forefront of this transformation–a movement we call the Next Mobile Economy. In this mobile-first world, it challenges all companies to rethink the way they do business,” said Fleisher.

The Note series is Samsung’s feature for premium innovation and industry-characterising advancement and the Galaxy Note9 is no special case.

Customised for the present experts, it engages individuals to grasp communitarian, open and very adjustable innovation, with security, worked in.

“Samsung has a rich history in advancement that is human-driven and challenges all boundaries to advance. We are an amusement evolving organisation,” added Fleischer.

Powering productivity on-the-go

The Galaxy Note9 combines powerful fundamentals with smart features to ensure that users can stay productive whenever and wherever they are:

S Pen: Galaxy Note9 introduces the new S Pen with remote control delivering capabilities that empower the user to do more.

  • The S Pen features Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) that makes it even more powerful: you can use your S Pen as a clicker to move through a PowerPoint presentation, with no mouse when in DeX mode. And newly customised clicks make it easy to quickly launch an app or take a photo.
  • Speed & Power: the cutting-edge 10nm processor now comes with the fastest network speeds available in the market with up to 1.2 gigabits per second, meaning users can download and stream content with no lag.
  • Store More, Delete Less: Galaxy Note9 comes with the default base storage of 128GB or 512GB. With expandable memory, the Galaxy Note9 is 1TB  ready so users can create and store without running out of space.
  • Samsung DeX: by connecting a single HDMI adaptor to a screen, the Galaxy Note9 transforms into a PC-like experience with a simple ‘plug and play’.

Powering your business

First-class security is now more important than ever to achieve enhanced mobility.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 combines defence-grade security with the most comprehensive configuration, deployment, and management feature on the market:

  • Defence-Grade Security: Samsung Knox delivers the industry’s leading security features to the enterprise protecting devices at multiple layers including hardware software and applications.
  • Streamlined Deployment: Knox Configure allows businesses to remotely configure devices in bulk to change settings, install software and establish policy updates for further protection.
  • Enterprise Management: E-FOTA allows administrators to control OS updates and security patches for an entire fleet of devices via existing EMM infrastructure.
  • Biometric Authentication: Samsung provides multiple options for authentication that suits different working environments including fingerprint scanning, iris scanning, facial recognition and Intelligent Scan.
  • Enterprise Edition[4]: Samsung’s Enterprise Edition unlocked smartphones come with Knox Configure, Samsung E-FOTA on MDM and regular security updates included. Now, you can make the impact your business demands with the combination of powerful and simple device management, support from tailored partner solutions, customization capabilities and defence-grade security.

The Galaxy Note9 combines advanced hardware and software to help businesses across all sectors, from manufacturing and retail to healthcare and financial services, to achieve more through mobile technology.

Powering your day and night       

  • 4” Infinity Display: Featuring a stunning 6.4” Infinity Display, the Galaxy Note9 is not only perfectly engineered but also beautifully designed.
  • Most Powerful Camera shoot like a pro and capture the best of work, and the best of play.
  • The dual aperture works like an eye, adjusting to any light so your team can take stunning pictures anytime and anywhere. Plus, capture optimization and instant flaw detection make it almost impossible to take a bad shot.
  • Long Lasting Battery: Reflecting the importance of battery performance to power-users, the Galaxy Note9’s 4,000mAh battery is the largest-ever on a flagship Galaxy phone, allowing users to create, consume content and communicate from morning to night.
  • The new Galaxy Note9’s dual SIM allows users to use two SIMs in one phone. Whether for data on a business trip or just separating work and personal numbers, the dual SIM gives the user the balance of their life needs.

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