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Timol's grave

Someone to Blame [Part 2]

Someone to Blame is a 54 minute documentary of the noteworthy point of reference setting an inquest into the death of Ahmed Timol the 29-year-old Roodepoort teacher and political activist.

Security Police said Timol committed suicide by bouncing out of the tenth floor of the previous infamous John Vorster Square Police Station on October 27, 1971.

This is Part 2 of the original sham of an investigation hung on June 22, 1972 restored a decision that there was no living individual in charge of his passing in spite of overpowering confirmation of grim torment.

The Roodepoort teachers’ friends and family did not trust Timol, the 22nd man to kick the bucket in police authority, had hopped from the tenth floor of John Vorster Square while being questioned by Security Police.

The family believe police were tormenting Timol to death and afterward tosses or drives him out through the window.

Imtiaz Ahmed Cajee, Ahmed Timol’s nephew made it his own journey to locate those in charge of his cherished uncle’s demise and was the fundamental main impetus behind getting the investigation re-opened.

“Our prompt need is to have the politically-sanctioned racial segregation investigation finding of ‘No one to Blame’ turned around,” said Imtiaz.

A private investigation in the interest of the Timol family with the assistance of Foundation of Human Rights (FHR) introduced proof to the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) in January 2016.

The Timol family contended that the politically-sanctioned racial segregation time Magistrate De Villiers had failed in his discoveries and gave convincing proof to the NPA causing the re-opening of the examination in light of a legitimate concern for equity.

Only 45 years after the fact more than 3 months from June to August for 20 days in both the Johannesburg High Court and the South Gauteng High Court in Pretoria riveting hearing how police were tormenting previous political prisoners along these lines demonstrating that Ahmed Timol isn’t an exemption.

Expert witnesses built up a case to expose the weaknesses of the first inquest.

The Timol family is planning to find solutions.

“There is no doubt as far as I can say that amid these procedures we, as South Africans are going to enter the door that will revive excruciating recollections.

The door that welcomes us to leave on an adventure which will make every one of us stand up to the shameful piece of our history. That entryway will just close, once somebody uncovers reality,” expressed Judge Billy Mothle in his introductory statements.

The documentary highlights all the key role players from the examination and brings back this memorable minute in a crude and instinctive style that will connect with gatherings of people.

Enver Samuel is the director of  Someone to Blame whose first documentary on Ahmed Timol, Indians Can’t Fly won two South African Film and Television Awards.

Don’t miss this 46 year wait for the truth documentary, Someone to Blame.

The Ahmed Timol Inquest will debut at 19h30 on Sunday, October14 at 19h30 just on SABC 3.

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