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Police continue to arrest truckers at Groblersbrug border post trafficking outlawed cargoes into SA 

Three sus­pects tak­ing a crack at smug­gling var­i­ous illic­it items val­ued at R23 mil­lion into South Africa through Grob­lers­brug bor­der post appeared in the Pha­lala Magistrate’s Court on Tues­day.

Cops charged  John Bwalya (44), Matias Kun­da (33) and Mutale Brown Mwilwa (35) with smug­gling of illic­it skin light­ing creams, tablets, cop­per cables, and shoes.

Mag­is­trate post­poned the case to March 18 for a for­mal bail appli­ca­tion and fur­ther police inves­ti­ga­tion.

Police Spokesper­son Colonel Moat­she Ngoepe said the sus­pects had already crossed the bor­der from Botswana into South Africa when the police direct­ed the truck they were trav­el­ing in towards the search­ing bay for inspec­tion.

“Dur­ing the search­ing process, police found tubes of Epi­derm skin light­en­ing creams, Cypro­hep­ta­dine tablets, cop­per cables and dif­fer­ent types of shoes hid­den at the back of the truck,” said Ngoepe.

He said police seized box­es con­tain­ing 16,600  × 15g tubes of Epi­derm creams, 759 400 × Cypro­hep­ta­dine tablets, 13 kg of cop­per cables and 112 pairs of shoes —  with a street val­ue esti­mat­ed at R23 mil­lion

Ngoepe said police also con­fis­cat­ed the truck and trail­er used to trans­port ille­gal stuff.

The case fol­lows the arrest of George Kang­we (38) on Jan­u­ary 5, 2019, also at Grob­lers­brug bor­der post trav­el­ing from Botswana, smug­gling an ille­gal con­sign­ment of med­i­cine.

Ngoepe said police seized a deliv­ery con­tain­ing 4 500 tubes of Epi­derm creams and 80 000 Cypro­hep­ta­dine med­i­cines with a street val­ue esti­mat­ed at more than R2.4 mil­lion.

Police arrest­ed anoth­er sus­pect traf­fick­ing cop­per scrap met­al into the coun­try.

“The dri­ver had just crossed the bor­der from Botswana into South Africa when ordered to stop at the search­ing bay for inspec­tion.

Upon inves­ti­ga­tion, police found cop­per scrap met­al esti­mat­ed at R54 000 con­cealed inside the trail­er,” said Ngoepe.

Police attribute the arrest to a joint-intel­li­gence dri­ven oper­a­tions com­posed of dif­fer­ent police units con­duct­ed under Tom Burke Clus­ter at the Grob­lers­brug bor­der post.

The Provin­cial Com­mis­sion­er Lieu­tenant Gen­er­al Nneke Led­wa­ba has com­pli­ment­ed police and the oth­er role play­ers who con­tin­ue to make sure they stamp out cross bor­der crime.

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