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Use telematics to save fuel, says Matshego

If that’s anything to go by, Legtratron Electronics could help companies to overcome the ever-increasing petrol hike by reducing fuel consumption.

The company’s managing director, Itumeleng Matshego said businesses can use its telematics tool to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%.

“Vehicle telematics can be one of the most important tools in reducing fuel usage.

The tool can provide fleet managers with performance data essential for rectifying driver behaviour that is costly both in fuel usage and potential collisions,” explains Matshego.

Matshego emphasized businesses can keep an eye on drivers not to use company vehicles for personal gains.

He said this can also help to check on drivers wasting resources by taking long routes.

Matshego’s suggestion to businesses to reduce fuel consumption is a sequel to an announcement by Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni during Budget Speech that the government will add fuel levies in June.

“Motorists will fork out R1.34c/L for petrol and 81c/L diesel once the government adds levies to the normal petrol hike. It will also add  carbon tax fuel prices,” said Motshego

He cautions drivers filling a 50L will pay up to R280 just on taxes each time companies fill up vehicles.

“Fuel price continues to increase at an alarming rate, companies need to reduce fuel usage. One of the best ways to reduce fuel consumption is to improve driver behaviour,

Some of the biggest causes of fuel consumption are harsh braking or acceleration, speeding, driving at RPMs over 3000 and excessive idling,” he said

While rising expenses continue to place mounting pressure on business, Motshego said fleet managers need to save wherever possible.

“As fuel expenditure is one of huge expense this should be an area of priority. Telematics can be one of the most powerful tools to help reduce consumption,” added Motshego.

He said using the tool can eliminate unnecessary trips and help drivers avoid traffic jams.





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