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Premier Stan Mathabatha wishes the residents of Limpopo happy festive season: File PIC

Limpopo celebrate 25 years of democracy

Limpopo Premier honourable Stanley Chupu Mathabatha is inviting the citizens of the province to join him and the rest of the country in celebrating 25 years of democracy.

Under the theme “Celebrating 25 years of Freedom” the commemoration will mark the 6th general elections.

Mathabatha said the province will hold the memorable celebration at Mahwelereng Stadium in Mokopane, Waterberg District on Saturday, April 27 at 9am.

It will reflect on how South Africa achieved democracy and freedom.

He said the celebrations also present an opportunity to show and re-examine challenges and merge gains made in transforming the South African society.

“It is an opportunity not only to celebrate 22 years of the Constitution, freedom and democracy, but also to reflect on how South Africa achieved  democracy and freedom,” said Mathabatha.

He said the day will give the nation an opportunity to retrospect on progress made in the past 25 years.

It will provide ideas how South Africans should work together to achieve economic freedom.

“The 2019 National Freedom Day marks 25 years of freedom from apartheid colonial oppression and second decade of constitutional democracy.

It is a milestone departure from colonial and apartheid oppression, spanning over 400 years,” added Mathabatha.

On international stage the 2019 South African commemorative calendar coincides with the United Nations General Assembly’s Proclamation that the 2019 is the International Year on Indigenous Languages.

“April is the Freedom Month to commemorate the historic occasion in 1994 when all its citizens became free from the discrimination and oppression.

Moving away from hatred, divisions and a painful history to build a common future together.

It further, recognises and celebrates the strides  the country and the Limpopo Province has made since 1994,” said Mathabatha.

He acknowledges that although the government made significant progress challenges remain.

“Greater part of communities have access to a wide range of basic services and created opportunities for the vast majority to take part in the economy,” added Mathabatha.

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