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We are weary of election promises, says Shongwane community

Last updated on May 7, 2019

The government provides us with communal taps

The res­i­dents of Shon­g­wane 3, Ga-Monye­ki out­side Lep­ha­lale says they are tired of lis­ten­ing elec­tion promis­es.

“Regard­less of their assur­ances and efforts to win our votes, we will not elect peo­ple who don’t have our inter­est at heart,” said   a group of women queu­ing for water at com­mu­nal taps.

One of such gloomy res­i­dent is unem­ployed moth­er of four chil­dren, Alet­ta Shiko (45).

Speak­ing to Lep­ha­lale Express Online News ahead of the 2019 elec­tions, Shiko com­plaint on Work­ers Day that polit­i­cal par­ties don’t keep their promis­es.

“Since 1994, the con­di­tions has become poor­er. Instead of pro­vid­ing us with bet­ter ser­vices, the ANC gov­ern­ment set up com­mu­nal taps on our streets, mak­ing water avail­able only for a few hours – on Wednes­days from 7am to 1pm.

“I am forced to fill 27 con­tain­ers [24 litres] to at least last my fam­i­ly for a week. To make mat­ters poor­er, I hire don­key cart for R20 to take my stuff home a dis­tance away from a com­mu­nal tap,” explained Shiko.

Oth­ers praised the  ANC, say­ing in the past it was dan­ger­ous to draw water in the near­by croc­o­dile invest­ed Pha­lala Riv­er.

“Today we get water just in front of our hous­es. The ANC gov­ern­ment has also built us RDP hous­es. We will con­tin­ue to vote,” they said.

The grum­ble came in the back­drop of state­ment made by Demo­c­ra­t­ic Alliance (DA) that it is the only par­ty that can fix Limpopo’s col­laps­ing basic ser­vices.

“A lack of con­nec­tion to water remains the province’s biggest chal­lenge with only 74% of house­holds in Limpopo hav­ing con­nec­tion to pipe water…

“We are con­cern fail­ing ANC has aban­doned the mis­sion to improve the stan­dard of liv­ing in Limpopo and goes on to deny res­i­dents basic ser­vices enti­tles to them,” added Smalle.

Eco­nom­ic Free­dom Fight­ers Leader, Julius Male­ma urged rur­al peo­ple to vote for his par­ty, say­ing he will pro­vide each house­hold with run­ning water — the priv­i­lege only enjoyed by whites.

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