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Packing hacks for road tripping in your new Datsun GO

The fast pace of mod­ern life can thrill, we need to get away from the con­stant hus­tle and bus­tle now and then and a road trip is a fun, cost-effec­tive way to do this.

There is noth­ing as free­ing as hit­ting the open road, with your win­dows wound down and your music turned up.

But poor pack­ing can turn your bliss­ful break into a hol­i­day from hell.

If you have a nim­ble car — like the new Dat­sun GO — pack­ing may seem like a daunt­ing task but a lit­tle plan­ning goes a long way and it will sur­prise you at just how much you can squeeze into your road­ster.

  1. First thing’s first: Make a list!

Write every­thing you intend on tak­ing with you, start­ing with the absolute essen­tials.

Do not for­get a first aid kit for emer­gen­cies and some cold hard cash because even not every­one accepts cards or QR scan­ner pay­ments.

Once you have all the essen­tials down, add the nice-to-haves.

And once you have all of those down, it’s time to decide what stays and what goes.

Chan­nel your inner Marie Kon­do and try to keep what you are tak­ing to a min­i­mum.

Try not to duplicate—you don’t need two pairs of heels, do you? And where take mul­ti-pur­pose items, like the two-in-one sham­poo and con­di­tion­er.

  1. Next, get to pack­ing!

Do this the night before. Be dar­ing (or bag!) and get cre­ative.

Roll your clothes instead of fold­ing them.

You can squeeze more in this way — and your clothes will not wrin­kle when you unpack them lat­er.

Place socks, under­wear, and small­er cloth­ing items into plas­tic bags and then inside shoes or hats.

Decant small amounts of cos­met­ics and toi­letries — such as the foun­da­tion and show­er gel — into emp­ty pill box­es or con­tact cas­es and take only as much as you will need.

If you trav­el often for an organ­i­sa­tion, invest in a set of pack­ing cubes.

Vac­u­um bags are also a great space-sav­ing inno­va­tion and use­ful when you to take your own bed­ding or big, heavy coats.

  1. Be strate­gic when load­ing the car.

Take some time to look at all the space avail­able to you and to plot out where you will put each piece of lug­gage.

Note any spaces not intend­ing to use — but could be for — stor­age.

Think about the spaces under­neath the front seats, any com­part­ments inside the doors and your cub­by hole.

Your new Dat­sun GO also has sev­er­al com­part­ments of vary­ing sizes, locat­ed around the steer­ing wheel.

Pack your larg­er items in first and then place your small­er items on top or squeeze them in between.

It is impor­tant not to pile the lug­gage in your boot too high they might obstruct or your view of the rear win­dow.

Secure any loose objects which might roll around the floor well or fly into the wind­shield, while you are dri­ving. Keep in mind that a ful­ly-loaded boot may cause the back of your car to sag.

This could alter the angle of your head­lights and end up blind­ing oth­er motorists so if you are car­ry­ing an extra heavy load, con­sid­er adjust­ing your head­lights slight­ly.

To find out more about the new Dat­sun GO, book a test dri­ve at your near­est Dat­sun deal­er­ship or vis­it for more details.


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