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Drunk driving impairs vision

A lead­ing South African pre­mier dri­ver edu­ca­tion com­pa­ny, Mas­ter­Drive has made an impas­sioned plea to cor­po­rate world to join hands in a fight against road fatal­i­ties owing to drunk­en dri­ving.

Mas­ter­Drive Man­ag­ing Direc­tor, Eugene Her­bert said while a num­ber of road safe­ty activ­i­ties take place with­in cor­po­rates as part of safe­ty ini­tia­tives, these organ­i­sa­tions have pow­er to effect change.

“To encour­age cor­po­rates to make road safe­ty a pri­or­i­ty in their work­place, Mas­ter­Drive will join the first six com­pa­nies that con­tact us at their next safe­ty day at no cost. We will show your employ­ees what drink dri­ving can do to your vision. The best way to learn is to grasp the con­se­quences of your actions. Don’t learn this when is too late, join us to share this vital infor­ma­tion,” said Her­bert.

Mas­ter­Drive under­stands it is near impos­si­ble for a sober per­son to fig­ure out how much alco­hol reduces vision when drunk.

“We have import­ed ‘Alco­hol Impair­ment Gog­gles’ for dri­vers to see when sober what hap­pens after drink­ing. Sober­ing’ expe­ri­ence that many peo­ple strug­gle to accept,” said Her­bert.

While 48 per­cent decline in road fatal­i­ties over the East­er peri­od is com­mend­able com­pared to the same peri­od in 2018, Her­bert said we can­not appre­ci­ate 807 dri­vers were arrest­ed for drunk­en dri­ving.

“Drink dri­ving affects behav­iour hehind the wheel. It affects your vision after a few drinks,” said Her­bert.

He said Mas­ter­Drive has devel­oped activ­i­ties to change per­cep­tions about many dan­ger­ous dri­ving habits.

Her­bert allud­ed to Skid­Mon­ster seat belt con­vin­cer to show dri­vers how big the effect of a minor impact is.

It shows dri­vers how it feels to lose con­trol and how best to han­dle it.

“By enlight­en­ing people’s under­stand­ing of the effects that drink dri­ving can have, you are invest­ing in the safe­ty of your work­force.

Cor­po­rates have the pow­er to influ­ence employ­ees to make free time and bring them back to work on Mon­day,” added Her­bert.



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