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New RX Luxury SUV maintains sporty appearance

As a pio­neer of the lux­u­ry SUV seg­ment, Lexus con­tin­ues to make a tes­ta­ment in the wake of unveil­ing Lexus RX lux­u­ry SUV planned to go on sale late in Sep­tem­ber 2019.

The Japan­ese mar­que SUV’s exte­ri­or keeps a pow­er­ful and sporty appear­ance with the improved char­ac­ter line that runs from the front to the rear of vehi­cles.

The appear­ance gives the RX’s over­all excep­tion­al flow and con­sis­ten­cy, result­ing in an ele­gant, dynam­ic exte­ri­or that empha­sis­es Lexus’ new design lan­guage.

Lexus’s adren­a­line-charged per­for­mance fol­low­ing the route of LC and LS flag­ship coupe and sedan is a care­ful inspec­tion of every part of the vehi­cle to improve the rigid­i­ty of the body and sus­pen­sion sys­tem.

To fur­ther enhance per­for­mance, engi­neers also added new shock absorbers and brake con­trol sys­tem.

The result is a vehi­cle with an excel­lent han­dling feel and pre­ci­sion, allow­ing users to trace their desired dri­ving lines.

Sculpt­ed front and rear bumper designs achieve a flow­ing inte­gra­tion of char­ac­ter lines from front to rear, ele­vat­ing the RX’s dynam­ic appear­ance.

Con­nect­ing the rock­er pan­els to the bot­tom of the grille in a straight line deliv­ers height­ened strength and sta­bil­i­ty.

Design­ers linked the low­er bumper with the rear fend­ers, which blend with the win­dow graph­ic on the bot­tom sec­tion of the rear pil­lar, lend­ing an ele­gant and pow­er­ful shape to the rear.

By pre­sent­ing com­po­nents such as the muf­fler and the under­body shield to stress the vehicle’s width, the design­ers could pro­vide the RX with a sporty, aggres­sive rear.

The sig­na­ture Lexus spin­dle grille adds mod­u­la­tion to the ‘L’ pat­tern mesh and a new frame that blends into the side of the front bumpers pro­vid­ing a uni­fied pro­file.

New slen­der head­lamps give the front fas­cia a new­found sharp­ness.

In the rear, com­bi­na­tion lamps fea­ture an “L” shape motif.


The third-row seats now fea­ture two dif­fer­ent seat­ing posi­tions.

Besides the tra­di­tion­al seat­ing posi­tion, it can have even more leg space with the new set­ting when the sit­u­a­tion demands it.

Design­ers have recon­fig­ured the sec­ond-row seats of the three-row mod­el to include a Cap­tain Seat, help­ing to cre­ate a spa­cious cab­in for RX’s rear-seat occu­pants.

To enhance safe­ty with oncom­ing traf­fic, they equip the new RX with BladeS­can type Adap­tive High beam Sys­tem (AHS) and  LED head­lamps light shin­ing onto a blade mir­ror spin­ning at high speed.

It trans­fers the light to a lens to illu­mi­nate the road ahead.

Lexus Safe­ty Sys­tem

The Pre-Col­li­sion Sys­tem uses an in-vehi­cle cam­era and front-grille-mount­ed mil­lime­ter-wave radar to help spot bicy­clists dur­ing day­time and pedes­tri­ans dur­ing low-light con­di­tions.

By com­bin­ing Dynam­ic Radar Cruise Con­trol with Lane Trac­ing Assist, the new RX makes it eas­i­er for the dri­ver to stay in the lane.

If the sys­tem detects a poten­tial lane depar­ture, then LTA alerts the dri­ver with a visu­al warn­ing and either an audi­ble alert or steer­ing wheel vibra­tion (it may also apply a small steer­ing cor­rec­tion).

The AHS auto­mat­i­cal­ly reduces bright­ness in spe­cif­ic regions ahead of the car to avoid harsh­ly illu­mi­nat­ing oncom­ing vehi­cles or those in front of the vehi­cle.

Lexus remains com­mit­ted to rapid­ly devel­op­ing its advanced safe­ty tech­nolo­gies and incor­po­rat­ing them to as many of its vehi­cles as pos­si­ble.


The new RX fea­tures a new touch-dis­play screen in addi­tion to the Lexus-orig­i­nal remote touch inter­face — changes from con­troller-type to track­pad-type.

Smart­phone usage is incor­po­rat­ed into the design, with a new phone hold­er and USB port, plus con­nec­tiv­i­ty to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Baidu Car­Life.

Voice con­trol is enabled via native cloud con­nec­tion, or cus­tomers’ phones to Apple Siri*6, Google Assis­tant, or Baidu Car­Life sys­tems. Like­wise, dri­vers can select either Lexus nav­i­ga­tion or smart­phone ver­sions.

Lexus is com­mit­ted to always lis­ten­ing to their cus­tomers, and let­ting them select the oper­a­tion that best suits their pref­er­ences or cir­cum­stances.

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