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DA to lay criminal accusations against Dlamini

Demo­c­ra­t­ic Alliance (DA) says it will on Fri­day lay crim­i­nal charges against for­mer Min­is­ter of Social Devel­op­ment, Batha­bile Dlami­ni.

In her res­ig­na­tion let­ter as an ANC MP on Tues­day, Dlami­ni also stat­ed that she knows spous­es of the ANC offi­cials engaged with a ques­tion­able rela­tion­ship with Cash Pay­mas­ter Ser­vices (CPS).

“In the let­ter, she express­es that “[those] that made a ben­e­fit through CPS by their spous­es are known and respect­ed by the African Nation­al Con­gress [ANC] but noth­ing is being said to them.”

On Tues­day, the oppo­si­tion par­ty gave for­mer Min­is­ter 48 hours to report author­i­ties whose spous­es prof­it­ed from CPS to the police.

CPS was dis­trib­ut­ing social wel­fare grants to more than nine mil­lion recip­i­ents in South Africa dur­ing Dlamini’s author­i­ty as Min­is­ter of Social Devel­op­ment.

DA Shad­ow Min­is­ter of Social Devel­op­ment, Brid­get Masan­go said her asso­ci­a­tion has on Mon­day allowed Dla­main 48 hours to open an argu­ment at law autho­riza­tion offices against sup­posed author­i­ties. Be that as it may, she ignored our call to do the right thing.

“We will lay crim­i­nal accu­sa­tions against for­mer Min­is­ter fol­low­ing her inabil­i­ty to report the spous­es of ANC indi­vid­u­als she claims were engaged with ques­tion­able rela­tion­ship with CPS,” said Masan­go.

She con­firmed that she will lay crim­i­nal alle­ga­tions against Dlami­ni at Cape Town Cen­tral Police Sta­tion on Fri­day morn­ing.

The DA gave Dlami­ni 48 hours to report to the police the sup­posed cor­rup­tion she claims to know about in her res­ig­na­tion let­ter.

As far as Sec­tion 34 of the Pre­ven­tion and Com­bat­ing of Cor­rupt Activ­i­ties Act, any indi­vid­ual pre­sumes some­one else com­mit­ted cor­rup­tion, how­ev­er does not report it, it’s an offense.

Dlami­ni has for far too long got­ten away with evad­ing account­abil­i­ty and the DA will make sure that she along with her ANC cronies get their day in court.


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