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Swara tsotsi seize Lephalale CBD to get rid of criminals

In an unex­pect­ed women drove con­tin­gent com­pris­ing police, traf­fic offi­cials and the South African Nation­al Defense Force on Thurs­day swooped and seized expired prod­ucts off the shelves of for­eign nation­als owned shops in Lep­ha­lale Cen­tral Busi­ness Dis­trict includ­ing vil­lages

Unco­op­er­a­tive for­eign nation­al forced police to use a cut­ting torch to gain entry into his shop, a source said, adding that his con­duct didn’t stun the police.

“They con­fis­cat­ed expired food­stuffs and stolen goods,” said a source.

The source said the raid fright­ened shop­pers and oth­er peo­ple in the CBD out of their brains, think­ing the town was endur­ing an onslaught.

Con­tact­ed for com­ment, police spokesper­son, Mot­lafela Mojape­lo referred Lep­ha­lale Express Online News to Limpopo Depart­ment of Trans­port and Com­mu­ni­ty Safe­ty.

Spokesper­son Joel Seabi said the raid is part of the Limpopo Depart­ment of Trans­port and Com­mu­ni­ty Safe­ty Oper­a­tion Swara Tsot­si led by MEC Namane Dick­son Masemo­la.

Masemo­la was in the com­pa­ny of Lep­ha­lale May­or, Moloko Jack Maeko, Gen­er­al Morakala­di, local ward coun­cil­lors  Deputy Provin­cial Com­mis­sion­ers, Gen­er­al Henk­ins, and inter­est­ed par­ties.

He said oper­a­tion steered by women offi­cers nabbed over 100 crim­i­nals includ­ing the clo­sure of for­eign owned shops, con­fis­cat­ing expired food­stuffs,

“Oper­a­tion Swara Tsot­si also arrest­ed Ille­gal for­eign nation­als dur­ing the oper­a­tion,” said Seabi.

Speak­ing out­side Phahladi­ra Mall in Shon­g­wane vil­lage, Masemo­la applaud­ed offi­cers for their ster­ling job.

“Today Oper­a­tion Basa­di is a suc­cess fol­low­ing the arrest­ing 105  peo­ple in Lep­ha­lale includ­ing sur­round­ing vil­lages,” said Masemo­la.

The activ­i­ty kept an eye on four road­blocks, searched 201 peo­ple in 18 stop and search exer­cis­es includ­ing 857 vehi­cles.



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