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2021 Local Government Elections declared free and fair

Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Chairperson Glen Mashinini has officially declared the 2021 Local Government Elections concluded as free and fair.

This as the IEC announced the final results of the elections at the National Results Operations Centre in Pretoria on Thursday.

More than 12 million South Africans cast their ballots over the past weekend and on Monday, to vote for candidates who they prefer to represent them in the country’s 257 municipal councils.

“We are satisfied that, bar a few incidents, for which we apologise, that we have delivered quality elections. We are proud to proclaim to the world that we are still flying high the banner of electoral integrity, excellence and free and fair elections.

“Through these elections, we have sent a resounding message to the world at large that we South Africans remain a beacon of pre-eminence in the conduct of electoral democracy. It is then my singular honour to hereby declare the 2021 Municipal Elections concluded as free and fair,” he said.

Mashinini announced that throughout the country, the African National Congress (ANC) clinched  the majority seats in 161 municipal councils, followed by the Democratic Alliance (DA) with 13 municipalities which is closely followed by the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) which now holds majority seats in 10 municipal councils.

Mashinini added that at least 66 municipal councils are hung – meaning that no party gained an outright majority in those councils.

He announced the following results for the country’s tightly contested eight metropolitan municipalities:

Buffalo City: the ANC is in the majority with 59%, followed by the DA with 19.52% and the EFF with 12.06%.

City of Cape Town: the DA won that council with 58.22%, the ANC won 18.63% of the vote and the EFF won 4.13%.

Ekurhuleni was won by the ANC with 38.19%, in second was the DA with 28.72% and the EFF with 13.57% of the vote.

In Ethekwini in KwaZulu Natal, the ANC won 42.2%, followed by the Democratic Alliance with 25.6% and the EFF with 10.49%.

In the City of Johannesburg, the ANC won 33.60%, the DA won 26.47% and Action SA won 16.05% of the votes.

In Mangaung, the ANC won the majority of seats after receiving 50.63% of the votes, followed by the DA with 25.73% and the EFF with 11.31%.

The ANC and the DA won exactly the same amount of council seats in the Nelson Mandela Bay council after receiving about 39% of the vote each, the EFF came in third with 6.4% of the support.

The City of Tshwane has shown that the ANC won 34.31% of the votes, closely followed by the DA with 32.34% and the EFF came in third with 10.62% of the vote.

The IEC Chairperson implored the newly chosen councillors-elect to improve the lives of those communities they now serve.

“We congratulate the 10 461 councillors who have won the right to serve our people. We urge them to go out and make the lives of our people better. Go out and ensure that our communities develop and live in peace. Go out and, through your honest and ethical work, guarantee the future of our children,” Mashinini said.  –

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