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Judgment reserved for an appeal to overturn court order deposing Ga-Seleka acting chief


The High Court in Polokwane has on Friday reserved its judgement on the appeal of the acting chief, Phetogo Seleka, contesting the validity of the trial court’s verdict dethroning him.

The matter concerns a court order in favour of aggrieved royal family members, opposing Phetogo’s style of leading the traditional council.

The royal family inducted Phetogo Seleka on August 23, 2005, and identified him as the seed raiser with a mandate to marry a candle wife, and issued him a certificate of recognition, effective September 16, 2006.

On May 17, 2014, members of the royal family petitioned for the removal of acting chief, Phetogo Seleka.

The royal family accused him of various violations, including his refusal to marry a candle wife and appointing friends to serve in the tribe’s council.

His misconduct led to legal action to unseat him.

The royal family claimed in court papers the acting chief brought royal kraal into disrepute.

The court ruled that interim leader Phetogo Seleka had betrayed the authority and loyalty of his royal family. He also failed to follow chieftaincy principles.

In its decision of February 8, 2018, the High Court in Polokwane ordered Premier, Chupu Mathabatha, to withdraw the certificate of royal recognition given to former Kgosi Phetogo Seleka.

The court ordered the royal family to publish details of the ousted acting chief in the provincial government’s Gazette.

The court ruled that the former acting chief should refrain from committing any acts of violence against members of the royal family or anyone in the Ga-Seleka community.

The court instructed him [Phetogo] to return to the royal council various financial documents and legal instruments in his possession, and to pay the costs of the suit and the costs of recruiting a lawyer.

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