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Nokia delivers fast 5G services to SA Vodacom customers

Nokia announced that it provides South African Vodacom customers ultra-fast 5G service by deploying 5G radio, core, and landline solutions on the Vodacom network.

5G mobile and wireless broadband services operate in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town, and other parts of South Africa.

Vodacom uses Nokia’s 2G, 3G, 4G, and optical access networks, 5G fixed wireless access, and mobile broadband services.

Nokia said in a statement released in Espoo, Finland that it will provide Vodacom with its AirScale, Fastmile, and user data management/home user server products to enhance its service range and improve operational efficiency.

The FastMile gateway is an independent household appliance that can connect to the customer’s 4G or 5G network to create a better and faster WiFi experience at home, and AirScale can meet your future needs in the era of 5G, cloud, and IoT.

“Our AirScale 5G and Fastmile fixed-line wireless product portfolio can help global service providers build strong and reliable networks to meet the growing demand for high-speed broadband services.

Not only can it offer high-quality connectivity and coverage to provide an unprecedented user experience, but it enables you to meet changing needs when you need it to grow your network.

From our partnership with Vodacom to our 26-year partnership, we understand that South Africa has a competitive market.

The market and end-users expect services and applications on the African continent.

We are proud of the successful completion of this important network, which enables Vodacom to provide this popular broadband feature. “

Vodacom will use Nokia’s FastMile 5G gateway to provide FWA broadband services in areas where there are no fiber-optic networks.

Users can install the solution while using Wi-Fi to connect home devices while transmitting fiber-speed into their homes.

Beverly Ngwenya, Technical Director of Vodacom SA, said Vodacom uses Nokia’s mesh Wi-Fi solution.

He said it improves the user experience by creating seamless Wi-Fi coverage areas while reducing the time and complexity required to install and manage WiFi networks.

“We commit to providing customers with the most innovative products and the best quality services.

5G technology allows us to deploy ultra-high-speed mobile networks and support brand new applications as we enter the 4IR era.

Nokia has been our network partner for over two decades.

Now, the latest technological solutions can help us provide excellent 5G services,” said Ngwenya.

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