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ActionSA calls for end to bucket toilets in Jo’burg

ActionSA has expressed concern regarding the coalition between the African National Congress (ANC) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), which objected to a proposal aimed at eliminating the use of bucket toilet facilities in disadvantaged areas during the Johannesburg City Council sitting on Thursday.

ActionSA PR Councillor for the City of Johannesburg, Vhangani Munyai says the motion aims to extend benefits to Kliptown and Eldorado Park communities.

He said these communities have remained subject to the outdated and unsanitary bucket toilet system for 29 years since the country’s democracy transition.

Munyai said following ActionSA President Herman Mashaba’s recent visit to Eldorado Park, a commitment was made to raise the matter of bucket toilet systems in the City of Johannesburg, saying the pledge has been fulfilled.

“ActionSA raised concerns about the deteriorating state of mobile toilets, as well as the delayed collection of human waste and associated issues. This may pose potential health risks to the community,” said Monyai.

During the recent visit to Kliptown, the councillors responsible for Environment and Infrastructure Services were made aware of community concerns regarding the irregularity of running water supply, significant delays in human waste collection, and the escalating degradation of mobile toilet facilities.

In a statement, Monyai said community members have also expressed concerns about additional health hazards.

“As a socially conscious political party, ActionSA advocates for the City of Johannesburg to prioritise the restoration of dignity in communities by eliminating bucket toilets and providing access to hygienic sanitation facilities.”

It is regrettable that political parties such as the PA, AIC, UDM, and GOOD, which garnered considerable support from these communities, lent their support to the ANC and EFF in obstructing the motion, thus excluding residents of Kliptown, Eldorado Park, and other localities from accessing appropriate sanitation facilities.

Monyai maintained ActionSA would persist in its efforts to compel the ANC-EFF alliance to rapidly rectify the detrimental hygienic conditions our inhabitants endure, and to enhance the delivery of sanitary services to these communities.

Monyai highlighted the inadequacy of continuing bucket toilets in our communities, despite a significant period of democratic rule.

“The responsibility for promptly addressing and rectifying this matter falls within the purview of the City,” he added.

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