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ActionSA pull out of coalition talks with EFF

ActionSA has announced it has pulled out of coalition talks with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), because the negotiations also involved the African National Congress (ANC).

Herman Mashaba, the party’s leader, stated that ActionSA has always been honest and unapologetic about the fact that it cannot solve the South African problem by collaborating with the ANC, which is the source of the problem.

In an unsurprising statement, Mashaba said the Senate met on Friday night and resolved to reject EFF’s proposal.

“It is impossible to prioritise service delivery in such a structure, as the ANC would staff departments based on who they know, not what they know.” ActionSA would not accomplish its mandate to fight corruption, as it would constantly investigate and take action against those with whom it is in a coalition, “said Mashaba.

Mashaba said ActionSA is working tirelessly with other political parties to forge a coalition that puts residents first.

Media 24 reported that Malema said Mashaba declined to work with the ANC in Johannesburg,

Mashaba says he won’t go into a coalition that would get votes from the ANC. Our coalition is very simple to Mashaba: we give you Joburg; you do not have to include the ANC. The ANC must vote for you because, between us and you, we do not have the numbers. We need the numbers from the ANC to help us get a clean government, “added Malema.

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