An inquiry into the ANC chief whip’s son, Mkhonto we Sizwe shady dealing looms

The ANC Chief Whip Pemmy Majodina will be referred to Parliament’s Ethics Committee to address concerns about her son’s shady dealings in providing the ruling party’s constituency offices with PPE in January, according to the Democratic Alliance (DA).

This follows disclosure that Majodina’s son, Mkhonto we Sizwe, landed R52 500 procurement contract from the parliamentary caucus she leads.

Natasha Mazzone, the DA Chief Whip, indicated that if any impropriety is uncovered involving Majodina or her son’s involvement in the ANC contract, the Chief Whip will be punished.

These accusations, Mazzone said, not only taint her party’s already tarnished reputation, but also cast doubt on Majodina’s credibility as a Chief Whip in Parliament.

“Parliament cannot continue to treat senior parliamentarians with kid gloves when their wrongdoing is exposed. Mazzone stated that “decisive action must be taken to destroy the rot of corruption at its core.”

While the ANC Chief Whip has reportedly indicated her willingness to be subjected to a “parliamentary ethics probe,” Mazzone stated that the DA urges the committee to investigate Majodina.

“South African require parliamentarians beyond reproach, in particular senior positions in parliament, where public officials are to hold accountable and demonstrate their disciplinary mandates,” Mazzone said.

Mazzone claimed that this would ever be the only way to root out corruption.

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