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As more tributes pour in to Dr. Kaunda’s passing, more reflections are being shared

President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Friday that he would never forget the contributions made by the late Zambian President, Kenneth Kaunda, to the struggle against colonialism and apartheid.

As he paid tribute to the late president, Ramaphosa described Dr. Kaunda as a pioneer who served the Zambian people and encouraged freedom movements throughout the region.

As the African continent and other countries mourn Dr. Kaunda’s passing, so does the Thabo Mbeki Foundation.

In its tribute to the Zambian founder, the foundation described former President Kaunda as a rare human being, a humanist, an African patriot, and an ardent advocate for African emancipation and development.

“Kaunda was a revolutionary leader and a symbol of African liberation,” said the foundation.

In response to Kaunda’s passing, the Rev Jesse Jackson Sr, a well-known American activist and politician, expressed his heartfelt condolences.

The Rev Jackson said Africa has lost a champion of freedom, and I have lost a good friend, while also referring to Kaunda, affectionately known as KK, as a “freedom fighter.”

Rev Jesse Jackson and Dr.Kenneth-Kaunda

“Kaunda’s contributions to the fight against colonialism and apartheid will not be forgotten, nor will the lessons his life holds for reflection on how democracy should be measured and how it can be enhanced,” the Nelson Mandela Foundation said in a statement on Thursday.

“Zambia paid a high price for its support, since the apartheid regime destabilised the country on a regular basis. In the 1980s, Kaunda began to support measures aimed at achieving a peaceful transfer of power in South Africa. Zambia had a significant role in the ANC’s relationship with the South African state and civil society, “added the Foundation.

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