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BMW SA announces prices for new the BMW 5 Series

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The new BMW 5 Series is the most dynamic business sedan offering the most attractive appearance, an updated interior with the finest details and innovative innovations.


The exterior is updated

To ensure its leading position in the premium executive class segment, the BMW 5 Series offers attractive design elements, including a bold front and rear, a redesigned BMW kidney grille that is wider and taller, and more elegant LED lights.

For the driver and front passenger of the outstanding BMW 5 Series, a new Dakota leather version is now available for the seat and sea optimized for comfort.

Increased security

The new BMW 5 Series sets new standards when it comes to safety and offers a wide range of passive and active functions. Additional integrated active steering offers more support when maneuvering at low speeds, while lane departure warning – part of an additional driver’s assistant – is now available with a lane return function. A three-dimensional visualization of the environment showing road situations and possible interventions by the help system.

Efficient power generation

BMW Twin Power Turbo technology lives under the skin with the four- and eight-cylinder engines with optimized petrol injection. As an alternative, a diesel engine is available with a two-stage turbocharger.

Latest operating system

In addition to exclusive offerings, the new BMW 5 Series comes with the standard BMW 7 operating system. The intuitive system opens up many potential new applications and expanded connectivity options and customization options.


The new BMW 5 Series will be available in South Africa in Q4 of 2020 at the following prices:


  • Model
  • Retail price (excluding CO2 tax)
  • CO2 tax
  • BMW 520d                  R 930,200               R 5,796
  • BMW 530i                 R 930,200                R 8,142
  • BMW M550i xDrive    R 1,411,400            R 20,838
  • BMW M5 Competition – R 2,187,400      R 20, 424

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