BMW SA loans SARCS vehicles to battle COVID-19

BMW Group South Africa has on Wednesday stepped up its contribution gear, loaning 17 BMWs to the South African Red Cross Society to fight COVID-19 transmission.

BMW Group South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa Chief Executive Officer, Tim Abbot said the loan of the cars was will provide help where it’s needed

He said the Red Cross will use the vehicles, mostly Rosslyn-built BMW’s reaching the communities.

“We’ve been building cars in Rosslyn for five decades. We’re part of this country and we’re committed to its future.

More than I can remember, now is the time society needs to come together and help each other where we can.

I’m delighted to make these cars available to the Red Cross. If we do our bit to help, we’ll get through this together,” added Abbott.

He said the vehicles will help screen, contact tracing, distribution of hot meals and food parcels and dissemination of information in six languages.

Abbott said other duties include to eliminate coronavirus myths, provide psycho-social support to volunteers and emergency personnel engaged in anti-COVID-19 operations.

“The Red Cross is a symbol of hope for people in need across the world, and it is an honour to support their work in the fight against this terrible virus in South Africa,” said Abbott.

Mabel Koketso, interim CEO of the South African Read Cross Society, said that the society “depends on donations from generous institutions like BMW South Africa to carry out its statutory mandate.

“We are providing humanitarian services across the length and breadth of South Africa,” said Koketso.

Abbot said specified BMW retail partners have stayed open across the country throughout the lockdown to ensure quick servicing of these vehicles.

Now, under level four lockdown said Abbot all BMW service centres are open for business.

“It means providing roadside support to vehicles driven by the South African Police Service, Metro Police departments, medical personnel and the private vehicles of essential services workers since the lockdown began,” added Abbot.

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