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BMW unveils a collection of sports-inspired watches for spring and summer 2021

Renowned for its luxury automobile designs, innovative approach, sports motivation, and as a market leader, BMW unveils its new eye-catching watches for summer and spring 2021.

Due to its commitment to performance and distinctive features, the brand is known for making watches with a racing history that can be used as a daily companion while remaining in harmony with its heritage.

Using aerodynamic shapes and visually dynamic design elements inspired by BMW’s most recognizable sports cars, the cases incorporate the iconic emblem.

These eye-catching watches are a mix of joy, performance, and enthusiasm.

Sport straps are accentuated in a new way, quite literally, through the use of yellow neon, which would be reminiscent of the BMW GT class of vehicles’ headlights.

The straps include new debossed logo treatments and updated dials with blue and red accents inspired by the spirit flag arrangement seen on M Motorsport racing cars as a decal.

The BMW kidney grill design is included on the dial, showcasing the brand’s trademark automotive components.

The watch’s high-end precision components are also reminiscent of the luxury and sporty BMW’s interior materials.

The soft leather strap matches the car’s leather upholstery and door panels.

When tracking speed, the tachymeter bezel and chronograph speak to the time-telling features.

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