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BMW X3 M Competition and BMW X4 M Competition upgrades

Following the launch of the first BMW M GmbH High Performance models for the BMW X3 Sports Activity Vehicle and the BMW X4 Sports Activity Coupé, the BMW M variants for the mid-size segment are undergoing an extensive upgrade.

After two years of launch, BMW M GmbH is refreshing its top-performing Sport Activity Vehicle BMW X3 and the Sports Activity Coupé BMW X4.

The new BMW X3 M Competition and the new BMW X4 M Competition offer increased pulling power in addition to the new features and styling drawn from the BMW X3 and BMW X4 as well, which have both been revised.


A new BMW inline 6-cylinder petrol engine with 375 kW peak output has a torque increase of 50 Nm to 650 Nm using the same power unit, enabling improvement of 0.3 seconds in the time needed for 0 to 100 km/h acceleration. Hence, the BMW X3 M Competition and the BMW X4 M Competition are on the same level as high-performance sports cars.

Speeds above 250 km/h are electronically cut off. A combination of the optional M Driver’s Package and this limit would push it to 285 kilometres per hour.

With a motor racing background and high revs

BMW M3 and M4 models now feature the same forged lightweight crankshaft as the six-cylinder engines found in the BMW X3 and BMW X4 M Competition.

As a result of its superb torsion resistance, it is able to transmit high torque, while the engine’s light weight and reduced rotating masses also contribute to its strength.

The in-line 6-cylinder engine’s racetrack-proven cooling system has two laterally positioned radiators in addition to the central radiator. Additionally, there is a separate transmission oil cooler and an additional engine oil cooler.

The oil supply system is also designed with dynamic race track operation in mind, displaying BMW M GmbH’s expertise in motor racing.

Two separate chambers and an integrated suction channel are part of the engine’s weight-optimised oil pan.

The map-controlled oil pump delivers lubricant from the smaller oil sump, which acts as a volume buffer, via an additional suction stage.

Thus, a reliable oil supply can be maintained at all times, even during extreme longitudinal and lateral accelerations.

M sports exhaust and M Steptronic 8-speed transmission

BMW X3 M Competition and BMW X4 M Competition have standard M sports exhaust systems, which add a sporty sound quality, particularly when under load or at high engine speeds, for a particularly emotional driving experience.

With its infinitely variable flaps, the M sports exhaust system produces a highly varied sound.

It has an 8speed Steptronic transmission with DriveLogic that sends power to the rear wheels. Furthermore, it allows manual shifting with sequential selection of the drive position in addition to completely automatic gear changes.

Shift paddles on the steering wheel are also available for use in conjunction with the new M gear selector in the centre console.

The manual mode allows multiple downshifts so that the engine drag torque can be utilized for braking purposes. When you accelerate, the engine does not trigger a forced upshift even if it is revving fast.

All-wheel drive system with rear-wheel orientation

A BMW X4 M Competition with M xDrive is equally agile as an equivalent BMW X3 M Competition with M xDrive, as it combines the traction benefits of all-wheel drive with the proven dynamics of classic rear-wheel drive.

When the rear wheels fail to transmit enough power, the electronically controlled M xDrive – which is connected to the DSC system – solely directs a portion of the drive torque to the front axle.

The driver can control both the driving stability control and torque distributon between the front and rear wheels at the touch of a button.

In a loss-free transmission of engine power, the interaction of M xDrive and the Active M Differential is centrally controlled.

In hallmark M style, superior driving dynamics

The BMW X3 M Competition and BMW X4 M Competition offer an exceptional level of driving dynamics.

Exceptional characteristics in the areas of longitudinal acceleration and lateral handling, as well as deceleration, together with improved driving stability and a neutral self-steering response enhance the vehicle’s suitability both for daily use and long trips.

BMW M automobiles use suspension technology that perfectly matches their powerful engines and M xDrive all-wheel drive system, resulting in agility, dynamics, and precision that are so characteristic of their cars.

The standard adaptive M suspension provides a very high level of comfort and direct road contact, as well as electronically controlled dampers for optimal damper settings.

Through internal electromagnetic valves, the damping forces can be continuously and individually adjusted to suit any road condition. With the touch of a button, it is possible to alter the fundamental characteristics of the damper.

Several measures have been taken to reinforce the body and suspension, including a M-specific strut package, to ensure the car’s handling accuracy and speed.

Among the typical M driving experience are the electro mechanical M Servotronic steering system and the Dynamic Stability Control system.

It enables controlled drift manoeuvres when used on the race track, for example, by adding additional wheel slip to create a self-steering response typical of the M system.

The vehicle comes standard with an M compound brake system and 21-inch wheels

The performance features of the BMW X3 M Competition and BMW X4 M Competition are enhanced by the high efficiency of the standard M compound brake system.

It comes with blue brake calipers as standard, or it can be ordered in black or red high-gloss. A perfectly matched overall package for maximum performance also includes 21-inch wheels with mixed tyres in 255/40 ZR21 at the front and 265/40 ZR21 at the rear.

This new wheel saves 2 kilograms on weight per wheel by using the M forged 892M Star Spoke in Jet Black burnished.

The well-known M light alloy wheel 765M V-Spoke is additionally available in Jet Black burnished finish.

Larger BMW kidney grille and a more striking front section

The new BMW X3 M Competition and the new BMW X4 M Competition have the enlarged BMW kidney grille with its now one-piece frame and headlights that are around ten millimetres flatter, drawn from the likewise refreshed BMW X3 and BMW X4.

The position of the iCam in a black bar provides visual separation from the BMW kidney grille, which is also framed in high-gloss black, as are the typical M double kidney bars.

The radiator grille also sports a BMW logo specific to the vehicle: X3 M or X4 M. The BMW Laser Light, which has a range of up to 650 metres, is now an optional addition in addition to the standard adaptive LED headlights with matrix function.

BMW M GmbH has designed the M specific front apron to be even more expressive.

One particularly striking feature is the new, vertically arranged and elongated side air intakes: these are angled down towards the spoiler lip in a bend towards the centre of the vehicle, where they follow the hexagonal shape of the central air intake.

They are framed by trim elements in high-gloss black, which is also used for the caps of the aerodynamically optimised M exterior mirrors and the characteristic M gills integrated in the air breathers, as well as the rear spoiler on the BMW X4 M Competition.

A distinctive design and paint finish for the rear aprons

It features the full LED rear lights of the refreshed BMW X3 with a black surround and narrower illuminated graphics.

M-specific apron lowers have an all-black high-gloss finish. There are two pairs of black chrome tailpipes flanking the large diffuser on the right and left respectively.

BMW X4 M Competition’s rear apron features a wide, offset insert in the form of an anvil. In high-gloss black, like the lateral aircurtainpanels, which also house vertical reflectors, it creates a striking visual impact.

On the BMW X4 M Competition, the black chrome tailpipes frame the diffuser as well. Aside from M Carbon Black metallic and M Brooklyn Grey metallic, there are two new paint finishes exclusive to M Competition models of the X3 and X4 series in Germany, namely M Marina Bay Blue metallic and M Sao Paulo Yellow. For the first time, BMW Individual paint finishes, including Frozen Marina Bay Blue metallic, are also available.

A typical interior with modern accents

BMW X3 M Competition and BMW X4 M Competition come standard with M sports seats with electrically adjustable headrests and illuminated M logos.

Besides the extended Merino leather upholstery in four colour combinations, BMW Individual also offers extended Merino leather upholstery in Tartufo. Air vents are now fitted with galvanised trim, and interior trims with dark Rhombicle aluminium are standard.

An open-pore ash variant is also available. An open-spoke steering wheel featuring contrast stitching in BMW M colours decorates the M leather steering wheel.

It is important to note that all information on the product is preliminary. Information specific to models sold in South Africa will be made available closer to the local market introduction in the fourth quarter of 2021.

With BMW Live Cockpit Professional, you can network intelligently

BMW’s new X3 M Competition and X4 M Competition both come with BMW Live Cockpit Professional, which includes Connected Drive as part of standard equipment.

The intelligent networking, including the Intelligent Personal Assistant, the Connected Music Service, and Remote Software Upgrade are all part of BMW Operating System 7.

The intuitive multi-modal operation has been refined: depending on the situation, the driver can operate on the Control Display with touch, the tried-and-tested BMW Controller, or by using the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel.

Now, Harman Kardon surround sound is included as standard. BMW Live Cockpit Professional offers a completely digital display network: the high-resolution display behind the steering wheel has a diagonal of 12.3 inches, and the Control Display has a 12.3-inch screen.

The fully digital instrument display offers, among other things, the M View with displays adapted from the M8 models. Additionally, BMW HeadUp Displays come with content tailored to M.

For navigation, BMW Maps uses the cloud to calculate routes and arrival times, update traffic data in real-time, and provide free text input for selecting destinations.

In addition, BMW Maps with Connected Parking offer drivers even more information to assist them with finding a parking space near their destination. Moreover, BMW Maps’ range of features includes On-Street Parking Information and ParkNow services as well.

BMW Drive Recorder and Remote Software Upgrade

The new BMW Operating System 7 now includes Remote Software Upgrade. It means that the BMW X3 M Competition and the BMW X4 M Competition will always have the latest software.

Updates can include new services and features as well as be downloaded “over the air”.

Furthermore, additional vehicle functions can be added to the vehicle further down the road, such as the new BMW Drive Recorder, which can record video images around the vehicle.

BMW M3 and M4 models have a new control island

This new control island originates from the current BMW M3 and M4 models and includes two additional buttons in addition to the M gear selector with Drivelogic rocker switch, the BMW Controller and the red engine start button, which is now located here.

With the set-up button, you have direct access to all the settings for the engine and suspension.

You can access the current vehicle settings via a menu on the Control Display. By pressing both M buttons on the steering wheel, two different set-ups of the M system can be stored and accessed at any time.

At the touch of a button, the M Mode button can be used to control the driver assistance systems, the instrument cluster, and the HeadUp Display, thereby creating a driving experience that is appropriate to the situation and typical of M.

For the first time, Driving Assistant Professional is available

The BMW X3 M Competition and the BMW X4 M Competition are both equipped with the same BMW X3 and BMW X4 driver assistance systems. Driving Assistant Professional, a new option, is now available alongside the Driving Assistant.

Active Cruise Control with improved functionality for city driving, intersection warning with additional city braking function, emergency lane assistant, and enhanced steering/lane guidance assistant are included.

An overview of the assistance systems and their functionalities is provided by a 3D visualization of the driving environment in the instrument cluster. Parking Assistant Plus now includes a reverse assistant in addition to parking assistance.

Parking Assistant Plus creates 360-degree images of the vehicle and its surroundings from different perspectives using Park View, Panorama View, and 3D Top View.

With Remote 3D View, drivers can receive a live three-dimensional image of their vehicle and its surroundings on their smartphones.

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