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BrandMed partnered with AstraZeneca in the fight against increasing COVID-19 and NCD diseases

As part of its commitment to improving the quality of healthcare in South Africa, AstraZeneca has partnered with BrandMed to create 15 healthcare centres.

Healthcare centres are expected to improve the patient’s experience, increase treatment outcomes, improve the quality and lower the cost of care.

BrandMed is a leading connected healthcare company that brings together a group of healthcare professionals, technology developers, business people, and security specialists to reimage deadly diseases.

Through partnerships with BrandMed, patients will have access to new BrandMed Syntro P Health Centres of Excellence, which will shift their focus from fragmented silos to patient-centred and integrated therapies and risk reduction initiatives.

BrandMed CEO, physician and cardiac surgeon, Dr. Riaz Motara, said the partnership initiative is to organise an inter-professional network of healthcare practitioners capable of managing NCD patients.

“Bringing together healthcare practitioners will enable us to manage NCDs in a more precise, personalised and holistic manner. This initiative with AstraZeneca is part of our commitment to make managing chronic illnesses easier,” said Dr Motara.

“By bringing the patient to the centre of our partnership, we will be able to have a bigger impact on patients and healthcare practitioners, producing results that go beyond what individual stakeholder efforts can achieve,” Dr. Motara said.

AstraZeneca said it is committed to a future in which all patients have access to sustainable, holistic health experiences, treatment and prevention that can change lives.

“We believe that health outcomes and patient experiences are a shared responsibility, and that innovation does not happen in a vacuum,” said Barbara Nel, President of AstraZeneca’s African Cluster.

Nel said partnering with AstraZeneca will help make life a little easier for those managing chronic diseases.

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