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Businesses unite to tackle drug addiction in Protea Glen, Soweto

The bustling Protea Glen township in Soweto, made a unified stand against illegal drug addiction, as local businesses – Business in Unity, medical professionals and energy and petrochemical companies, joined forces to host an incredible initiative at the Protea Glen Community Hall.

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) saw over 53 nyaope addicts attend the event with the aim of conquering their addiction.

As community members united to oppose the plague of substance abuse, which has robbed many youths of their potential and integrity, Moss Meje of Morekhuri Trading CC vowed to do whatever it takes to help nyaope ‘boys’ and girls’ recover.

The attendees were encouraged by Tshidiso Monyane’s inspirational story of transformation. After struggling with drug addiction for almost a decade, the 36-year-old nyaope addict turned his life around by entering a rehabilitation centre and was able to overcome his addiction in only six months.

In addition, Monyane is the founder of Tshenolo Substance Abuse Service Centre, which he founded to provide aid to those struggling with addiction in Moletsane and other Soweto communities.

The Protea Glen Business in Unity Group also registered 53 drug addicts for rehabilitation and Morekuri Trading CC offered Monyane an office desk at their offices in Protea Glen to help local nyaope addicts in the area to bring their ID documents, so they can be taken to rehabilitation centres free of charge.

Matimba Management and Labour Managing Director Kingdom Sono then revealed his initiative to create a cooperative company, to provide the community with employment opportunities, while also giving young people a chance to steer away from the risks associated with drug use.

The group’s collaboration and dedication to support those in need was highlighted on Saturday and will continue, as the initiative will be held annually on June 17, to make a difference while the rest of the country celebrates Youth Day on June 16.

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