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Celebrating Heritage Day without land is meaningless

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) say celebrating Heritage Day without land is essentially meaningless.

According to the EFF, while appreciating and preserving culture and valuable customs is important, but without land it is pointless.

“There can be no heritage without the land,” said EFF.

In a statement on Friday, the EFF said South Africans can only maintain our diversity and culture as a nation if we all have access to land.

According to the EFF, the majority of South Africans are still landless, unemployed, and excluded from the mainstream economy, and no amount of traditional dress or braaing cattle grazing on our land will change that.

“The EFF reiterates its call for the restoration of stolen land by amending Section 25 of the Constitution to allow expropriation without compensation. “Heritage can be embraced and celebrated through the preservation and recognition of culture and valuable traditions, but without land, celebrations will be meaningless,” said EFF.

According to the EFF, there can be no cultural wealth without land, and no unity without the state returning land and natural resources to all South Africans.

“Our African languages are a treasure that all indigenous Africans should guard with zeal. Africans should never be ashamed of their languages, and they should continue to teach them to their children. If we continue to safeguard and promote our languages, our culture, customs, and heritage will be preserved, “said EFF.

On this day added [Heritage] said EFF, our people are called to wake up to the painful and unjust reality that they are currently serving as servants and tenants of their own country, and should pick up the spears of the Queens and Kings who fought fearless battles against land thieves and apartheid.

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