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Claims urging President Ramaphosa to axe Cele mounting

Increasing calls for President Cyril Ramaphosa to remove Police Minister Bheki Cele are growing louder by the day amid mounting evidence that he is failing to combat crime and is accused of misusing his department’s budget.

In reply to a parliamentary question, Minister Cele revealed that his department has spent over R1.58 billion on accommodation and R42.7 million on catering and R1, 8 million since March 2019.

DA MP Andrew Whitfield has condemned the government’s irresponsible “lack of financial prudence,” and says it is “appalling” that the government spends money on frivolous programmes while complaining of a lack of resources to safeguard citizens.

He said that although the DA has no problem with the allocation of money for their accommodation, the hefty price tag needs to be investigated by the Police Portfolio Committee.

“It is outrageous that the South African police service is spending over R14 million per day, housing members.”

It is unconscionable said Whitefield that the South African Police Service dedicates R1.5 billion on accommodation while reducing the number of front-line police personnel, investigators, and reservists while South Africans are raped, murdered and maimed.

What more does Minister Cele need to do before President Ramaphosa fires him? “It’s about time” he resigns, Whitefield says, “for his incompetence and disregard for our security.”

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