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Crashing insured car during curfew can be stressful

COVID-19 Level 2 lockdown allows travel between provinces. However, if you are driving an insured vehicle and a traffic accident occurs between 10pm and 4am, during curfew time, the insurance company may not compensate, and your excitement may be short-lived.

Some drivers question the insurance consequences of being involved in a car accident during the curfew.

Eugene Herbert, general manager of MasterDrive, said his company consulted with insurance companies to provide some information.

“Our insurance companies say that claims for a crash after the curfew will not be rejected based on these reasons alone. However, they encourage drivers to avoid going on the road after 10pm, except in an emergency.

Although clients can convince their own policies about the validity of claims that occur after10pm, this may vary among insurance companies. Every driver should know the position of their insurance company regarding driving post-curfew.

This is especially true for those who drive home because of late shifts, and drivers are legally allowed to go on the road. Talk to your insurance company now about their expectations and your special situation, instead of arguing afterwards. “Herbert said.

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