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DA describes the strike at Eskom as an act of sabotage

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is calling on Eskom to exert its legal authority as an essential service provider to approach Labour Court to prevent wildcat strikes at its power plants.

DA Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises, Ghaleb Cachalia advised Eskom to file a formal complaint at the Labour Court, to urgently halt strike activity at its plants to protect infrastructural facilities under its supervision.

“Eskom is exempted from notifying the striking workers of its plan to ask the court for an interdict under the Labour Relations Act since it is recognised as an essential service provider,” Cachalia said.

He said sabotage occurs when power plants are intentionally disrupted by strikes.

“As South Africa’s power-producing infrastructure is already close to collapsing, we can’t afford to have any acts of sabotage make the situation worse. Even in its current state, Eskom is still the backbone of the nation’s economy and shouldn’t be purposely damaged, according to Cachalia.

He argued that the Essential Services Agreement forbids Eskom’s employees from taking actions that would obstruct or interfere with the production, transmission, or distribution of energy.

“The country has entered stage 4 load-shedding less than 24 hours after state-owned Eskom warned that the continuous strike action at its power production units raised the likelihood of load-shedding,” said Cachalia.

The workers’ strike increases the possibility of severe load shedding, which not only prevents electricity generation from happening but also “endangers the life, health, or personal safety of the whole or part of the population,” added Cachalia.

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