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DA says it will review Zuma’s medical parole judgment

Democratic Alliance (DA) is seeking a judicial review of Jacob Zuma’s medical parole decision, arguing it is clearly illegal.

DA leader John Steenhuisen said he will petition the court for a copy of the decision leading to the granting of parole.

Steenhuisen pointed out that if it turns out that Arthur Fraser, the Minister of Correctional Services, overrode the decision of the review panel, saying he would have been bound by specific procedures.

“As part of this procedure, a thorough medical report will be compiled from both outside specialists and Jacob Zuma’s doctors. This report would have to be provided to the parole board and appropriate doctors, and then the commissioner could overturn the decision,” Steenhuisen explained.

According to Steenhuisen, DA’s review will determine whether or not these steps were properly executed.

“It’s critical that this process isn’t abused for personal or political gain,” Steenhuisen added, referring to the catastrophe twelve years ago when Schabir Shaik was given medical parole on similarly dubious grounds.

Steenhuisen said. “If this record confirms our fears, it will demonstrate once again why the ANC should not be allowed to deploy its cadres to crucial posts across the country,” Steenhuisen said.

Steenhuisen said Arthur Fraser’s murky past as Zuma’s compromised spy boss should have disqualified him from his appointment to prisons boss right away.

“Frazer’s deployment by President Ramaphosa was highly unlikely to be a coincidence because he could continue to carry out ANC objectives,” added Steenhuisen.

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