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Dr. Moila is a Limpopo medical practitioner, cum specialist in anti-aging treatments

With an increasing trend of Limpopo citizens traveling to Gauteng for anti-aging treatments, Dr. Ellen Moila, 40, developed a plan to study for a diploma in Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Moila says she had conducted market research.

“I discovered the Limpopo aesthetic market spends more money for traveling than on treatments, and not complying with the procedure.”

“Transport costs to access these treatments were not workable in the long run. I knew I had to step in and save them for both time and money, and offer them the convenience needed,” says Dr. Moila.

As a medical practitioner, she temporarily quit her full-time job to pursue a diploma at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

That’s how the Orchid Aesthetic Clinic, the first black-owned clinic in Polokwane, was established, providing similar services closer to their homes.

A married mother of two boys from Ha-Mulima Village, Dr. Moila juggles household chores and her rigorous job as a doctor.

“The aesthetics industry in Limpopo is booming. Customers are experiencing changes in the procedures available here. “We are proud that Orchid Aesthetic is one of the top clinics in the province,” says Dr. Moila.

She noted that the living standard is high, and maintaining a household is a burden, which leaves clients with little money for their personal needs.

Dr. Moila says Limpopo’s aesthetic market sacrifices the small money clients had to spend on treatments

“Although COVID-19 has had far-reaching effects at aesthetic clinics around the world, Orchid Aesthetic Clinic is one of the first aesthetic clinics in Limpopo to teach its clients. Its effects have not forced us to close my business,” Dr. Moila explains.

Using this strategy, she says clients were eager to engage them, learning more about other services she offers.

She added that when the pandemic hit, Orchid Aesthetic Clinic intensified efforts to educate people on what to expect from an aesthetic clinic and what is available.

“Dealing with the pandemic is an empowering experience. For that reason, we launched an online store, “says Dr. Moila.

For example, Dr. Moila explains, other African customers believed anti-aging and dermal fillers were western treatments. But now we realize more customers become familiar with these treatments.

“It’s a rewarding feeling, and making individuals confident for themselves. Also, raising awareness of aesthetic procedures right here in Polokwane is fulfilling, says Dr. Moila.”

Aesthetics is a nonsurgical procedure designed to rejuvenate and refresh the skin, combat signs of aging, and discuss premature aging.

It focuses on common areas including faces, necks and decolletage.

“People like me are always focused on looking and feeling good, projecting an overall sense of confidence,” adds Dr. Moila.

The clinic is located at number 46a, Grobler Street, Polokwane, Limpopo.

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