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Restored, modernized old PickUp truck turn heads

Despite the fact that it sounds insane, hopping from one place then onto the next, searching for the ignored old-style pickup truck and spending tons of money to restore it to its former appearance and performance, the outcomes are staggering –   it transforms into a fortune. There are small …

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Service plan to cut ownership costs

Servicing a car can sometimes be an unsettling task for most vehicle owners, taking into consideration, among others, the ever-increasing petrol price which hit deep into the pockets of motorists. In a move to help cut the costs of ownership, Toyota SA said it came with improved terms of the …

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Bold and the Beautiful episode synopses [July]

Episode 134 (7597)                                       Monday, 02 July 2018 Eric explains to Katie how happy he is that Quinn is bringing all of them together as family and friends. Quinn worries that Katie will expose her and Ridge’s secret to Eric. Quinn and Ridge insist that their time of indiscretion is over. …

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