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Eskom interdicts striking workers

The Labour Court has granted Eskom an interdict, preventing its workers from continuing with a wildcat strike at its nine power stations and facilities, over concerns that it would adversely affect electricity generation.

Eskom went to court on Friday and was granted an interdict to stop the strike, said Eskom chief operating officer, Jan Oberholzer, reports TimesLive.

Several workers went on strike on Tuesday after pay talks reached a deadlock.

“If any of our employees or colleagues behave inappropriately, we’ll take action.” We have a disciplinary process. ”

According to Oberholzer, there were also instances of staff being intimidated and access roads being blocked to buildings and power plants, adding that this made it difficult for employees to get to work and caused disruptions in the company’s operations.

Oberholzer warned that load shedding would increase if the strike and worker harassment continue,

To conserve emergency reserves, Eskom said it has implemented stage 4 load shedding, saying there will be rolling blackouts that began at 11 a.m. on Friday, and expected to continue throughout the weekend.

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