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Eskom warns of another round of power cuts

Eskom has announced that it will resume with stage two load-shedding from 4 pm on Sunday.

The Power Utility said that it would continue with power outages until Wednesday, depending on the level of power breakdowns.

According to Eskom’s latest update, the loss of four additional generation units at Matla, Tutuka, and Arnot power stations during the past 24 hours, compounded by delays in units returning to service at Camden, Matla, Grootvlei, and Tutuka power plants, has prompted load shedding.

Eskom said the power system continues to be fragile and that it is  is forced to implement load-shedding to manage and replenish emergency generation reserves, on which it has been relying to supply electricity this week.

The Power Utility says the electricity grid remains fragile and it must resort to load shedding to manage and refill its emergency generation reserves, as well as relying on them to provide electricity this week.

“A generation unit of each at Komati, Arnot, and Camden power stations have been back in service since Friday. We have 5 476MW of planned maintenance right now, with another 17 020MW of capacity being down due to unforeseen outages.”

However, Eskom says that it will inform the public if there is an additional degradation in generation capacity that needs higher stages load-shedding

“We’re working hard to restore electricity to our customers. We ask that people keep their consumption down and if there are any significant changes to the supply situation, we’ll let you know,” added Eskom.

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