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 Eskom’s Logo Design Fiasco: The DA’s Argument for Prioritising Essential Services

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it has  written to Eskom’s acting Chief Executive Officer, Calib Cassim, urging the cancellation of a tender for a new logo and corporate identity design.

In statement on Monday the DA argues that Eskom’s overwhelming debt burden and its inability to provide consistent electricity make such expenditure unjustifiable.

Ghaleb Cachalia, the DA’s Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises, strongly criticized Eskom for prioritising a logo change over addressing the urgent need for new generation capacity to end loadshedding, which has had a devastating impact on the economy.

Cachalia called upon Cassim to exercise his executive authority as Eskom’s chief accounting officer and cancel the tender, emphasizing that the South African public is more concerned with having a reliable supply of electricity than with the utility’s logo.

“Eskom’s spending should be directed towards finding new generation capacity to end loadshedding. Stakeholders across the board share the view that the loadshedding crisis, which has been ongoing for 16 years, has had a devastating impact on the economy, resulting in the loss of billions of rand in potential revenue,” added Cachalia.

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