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FF Plus lodges HRC complaint over ‘preventable’ Medupi air pollution

The FF Plus says it has lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) due to numerous complaints from Lephalale residents in the wake of ‘preventable’ air pollution at the Medupi power station.

According to Limpopo FF Plus leader Marcelle Maritz, the primary cause of the pollution is how the combusted coal’s ash is supposedly disposed and dumped in a heap, then blown all over the area by the wind.

Maritz claims the ash is no longer transported to the Matimba ash heap on a conveyor belt. Instead, it is dumped right next to the Medupi power station, with the slightest breeze causing the fine ash to scatter all around.

She said FF Plus demanded the HRC to investigate air pollution and push Eskom to take all necessary measures to reduce it.

To ensure the Bill of Rights is upheld, Maritz said FF Plus requests the Human Rights Commission to urgently investigate air pollution and take necessary measures to reduce it.

Maritz has promised to keep a close eye on the matter and act in the highest interests of the affected residents.

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