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Fire ‘incompetent’ Dlodlo, says EFF
SSA Minister Ayanda Dlodlo Pic:Twiiter

In light of the alleged wilful deceiving of the public and Parliament regarding ‘non-existent warnings’ to the government regarding the “release riots,” the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) demand the immediate removal and impeachment of State Security Agency (SSA) Minister, Ayanda Dlodlo.

The EFF said, in a statement on Wednesday, that it wrote to the Minister Dlodlo on July 16, 2021 to provide her department with information on riots and activities inciting riots.

This follows Minister Dlodlo’s public claims that SSA has intelligence and had forwarded it to Police Minister, Bheki Cele.

“We analysed and packaged information for the client, and we provided it to them,” Minister Dlodlo was quoted as saying adding the police minister, Bheki Cele acknowledged intelligence is driving the operation and that police have all the information needed to plan for these riots,” she added.

But EFF says nothing had been done.

“We know for a fact that our country’s intelligence agencies didn’t predict any of the main events that led to the riots. They are all dysfunctional. internally compromised by infiltration and fractionalisation.

Because of the ANC’s factional battles, they’ve all been unable to carry out their responsibilities, posing a threat to national security and stability, ” stated the EFF.

The red bare said the government knew of the impending roadblocks and mall attacks as instigations for a riot, which amounted to treason. Yet, Dlodlo failed to take action.

EFF said SSA has yet to provide evidence to support its claim that it informed the government, including the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence, about planned operations, and that the government ignored or did nothing about them.

“The EFF can say confidently that Minister Dlodlo and the SSA never had any intelligence products created to predict critical riot occurrences.

The blockades on the N3 Mooi River Plaza were foreshadowed in intelligence reports. They didn’t transmit such an intelligence product to the police following the mall attacks or even the marches by hostel dwellers. ”

Eff described Minister Dlodlo as part of the information paddlers who hide their incompetence by lying to the public, saying she has misled the public and her SSA officials have purposefully deceived Parliament to conceal their complete incompetence and neglect.

The EFF claims several ANC leaders are involved in party factional fights and have used intelligence agencies to settle political scores.

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