Ford Ranger is the best-selling used car in Mzansi

The Ford Ranger maintained its dominant position in Auto Trader’s annual car industry report, becoming the overall highest-selling model of used cars.

Between July 2019 and June 2020, Ford Ranger became the fifth most searched model in South Africa.

For many South Africans seeking an additional source of income during COVID-19, vans that provide passenger car comfort and safety, Ford Ranger is the obvious choice for running a side door business.

With a payload of up to 1135 kg and a towing capacity of up to 3,500 kg, thousands of South Africans regards Ford Ranger as an indispensable multi-functional asset that can promote entrepreneurship, employment and overall economic development

During the aforementioned period, Ranger accounted for 4.7% of all used cars sold in South Africa, generating 8.3 million searches.

The Ford Ranger has always been one of the best-selling new cars in South Africa.

This honour complements and perfects the overall value of the Ranger in the South African market.

Auto Trader has 28 years of history and has become a trusted benchmark in the used car market.

The 2020 Auto Merchant Automotive Industry Report provides an in-depth analysis of which brands, models, and (for the first time in South Africa) which variants (including trim levels) are important to car buyers.

“The best-selling Ranger derivative is 2.2TDCi Double Cab Hi-Rider XL; it is by far the most popular Ranger. Its average retail price is R260 673, the average mileage is 90,596 km, and the average annual registration year is 2015.

Rangers are popular in Gauteng, which accounts for 55.02% of the total ranger sales, and the double cab is the most popular body type, accounting for 68.86% of total sales,” said George Mienie, CEO of Auto Dealer.

With no less than Ford Ranger, Ford EcoSport and Fiesta (Fiesta) are also features in Auto Trader’s top ten used car sales, of which EcoSport is the only compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) that achieves this goal.

A variety of nameplates offer convincing evidence that Ford products have long-lasting quality and wide appeal over the years.

The used car market accounts for two-thirds of the total number of vehicles sold in South Africa, which makes it a very important retail area for customers and dealers,” Ford Motor Company South Africa (FMCSA) manager Ebens Watt (Eben Swart) said. .

“Although it often reminds us of Ranger’s outstanding performance in new cars, we are proud of it, but seeing its highest performance in the Auto Trader report shows that consumers have confidence in our products.

This is reassuring, although the sales of COVID-19 are deflationary on the previous few months. To prove this, contrary to the trend, sales through the Ford used car dealership network in June 2020 increased by 174 compared to June 2019 Vehicles.”

Eben attributes Ranger’s success to many factors. “I believe i’ts a combination of the vehicle loan program that enables customers to drive our Rangers while servicing vehicles, and dealers to provide more services to customers.

In addition, the overall consumer experience of FMCSA adopts a cross-departmental and cross-functional method to make sure that customers have the best vehicle ownership experience.

Ford Motor Company’s Silverton plant engineers commit themselves in providing the highest overall quality vehicles.”

With its modern turbo diesel engine and 10-speed automatic transmission, the new Ranger leads the industry in terms of fuel economy.

In the WesBank fuel economy tour in 2019, a new generation of 2.0 single turbocharged engine with a 10-speed automatic transmission matches the Ford Ranger, proving its position as the most economical passenger car in this market segment.

The Ranger’s average fuel consumption is 6.81l/100km, beating the competitors of Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota and Mahindra.

These extraordinary numbers take on new importance when compared with the recent increase in fuel prices that have almost recovered to previous highs.




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